How to Organize Your Recipes Offline

How to Organize Your Recipes Offline

There are a lot—some might say “too many”—recipes floating around in the world. Books and magazines are full of them but, thanks to the internet, you could cook a new recipe a day and never open a cookbook. There are many apps for keeping track of your online…

6 Traits of Strong Family Businesses

Based on a three-year study.

Accused Terrorist Shocks New Zealand Courtroom With Not Guilty Plea For 51 Murders Livestreamed on Facebook

The white supremacist accused of killing 51 people and livestreaming the carnage on Facebook has pleaded not guilty in a Christchurch, New Zealand court today. The courtroom was filled with friends and family of the victims who reacted with gasps as the plea …

How to Make Any Smartphone More Accessible and Easier to Use

We’re not all blessed with 20/20 vision, super-sharp hearing and the dexterity to easily operate a touchscreen—and even for those of us who are, it’s unlikely to last. Whether you’re adapting a phone for yourself or a friend or family member, these are all th…

5 Keys to Successfully Leading a Family Business

Family businesses aren’t always easy, but they are most definitely be worth it.

Phoenix Mayor Apologizes for ‘Unprofessional’ Police Response to Report of Stolen Doll

Phoenix Mayor Apologizes for ‘Unprofessional’ Police Response to Report of Stolen Doll

A family has taken the first step to file a lawsuit against Phoenix police after they say officers threatened to shoot them during a shoplifting investigation.

How Spike Lee Spends His Sundays

The filmmaker and famous Knicks fan is busy, and the weekends are no exception. He does make time to have dinner with his family, though.

Phoenix mayor apologizes to family who was detained after their daughter took a doll

The mayor of Phoenix apologized to a family who said that police drew guns on them after an alleged shoplifting incident at a Dollar Store last month.

The Yale Smart Home Alarm family kit is down to under £210 on Amazon

TL;DR: The secure Yale IA-320 Smart Home Alarm family kit is down to just £209.99, saving you £58.99. Keeping your home secure doesn’t need to be a military operation. You don’t need to install cameras in every corner of your property, with motion detectors i…

Family thought they took brother off life support… then made an eerie discovery

A family in Chicago made the decision to pull life support for a man they thought was their brother – only to find out the man was a stranger. CNN affiliate WBBM reports.

Leave Drag Queen Story Hour Alone!

Leave Drag Queen Story Hour Alone!

Trump supporters think men in makeup are a bigger threat to family values than babies in cages.

Michael Flynn and Rick Gates Subpoenaed to Testify by House Committee

The subpoenas are tied to the Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russia’s attempts to influence U.S. politics and whether foreign interests could influence Mr. Trump, his family or associates.

They Hid From the Mob for Decades. Now They Will Surface in a Film.

The family of Tommaso Buscetta, whose testimony figured in hundreds of Mafia convictions, agreed to appear in a new documentary.

They Hid From the Mob for Decades. Now They Will Surface in a Film.

The family of Tommaso Buscetta, whose testimony figured in hundreds of Mafia convictions, agreed to appear in a new documentary.

Baby dies weeks after being cut from his mother’s womb

A baby cut from his mother’s womb during a brutal attack in April has died, a family spokeswoman said.

How to Find a Family Member's WWII Service Records

How to Find a Family Member’s WWII Service Records

Last week’s 75th anniversary of D-Day was a reminder to many of the kids and grandkids of World War II veterans that we still don’t know the details of so many of their stories. Any description about their experiences in the war that were passed down were oft…

Jury reaches verdict for McStay family killing

The jury reached a verdict in the trial for the McStay family killings. HLN’s Shyann Malone goes through the trial’s time line.

How a 19th-Century Workman’s Cottage Became a Family Home

In Gallatin, N.Y., the husband-wife co-founders behind the design firm Workstead converted a 1850s clapboard house into a rural idyll.

The First Murder Case to Use Family Tree Forensics Goes to Trial

A 32-year-old murder case got its first arrest after police turned to genetic genealogy. Now the technique’s legality is getting scrutiny in the courtroom.

Disappeared Argentina activists’ son finds family after 40 years

Javier Darroux Mijalchuk’s parents were abducted in 1977, during Argentina’s military dictatorship.

Konami announces plug-and-play TurboGrafx-16 Mini

Konami announces plug-and-play TurboGrafx-16 Mini

Surprise reveal rounds out the 16-bit “mini-console” family.

23andMe Father’s Day sale: Save $50 on Amazon

TL;DR: 23andMe’s comprehensive Health + Ancestry Kits are on sale for $149 through June 17, making them a great gift for your dad. Fact: DNA test kits make excellent gifts no matter the occasion. They promise a kind of self-discovery that’s sort of irresistib…

Analysis: Saudi Arabia and the arms race that you’ve not heard enough about

It’s the Middle East arms race that many people don’t want to talk about. The White House may be preoccupied with Iran’s past pursuit of nuclear weapons and its present strategic status in the region. But simmering nearby is another rapid militarization, cond…

Eric Swalwell: It’s time to restore the American dream

The next president must understand how Americans live, struggle and seek to flourish, Rep. Eric Swalwell says. He says he’s been learning about this all his life — as the first person in his family to go to college, as a father of two young children and espe…

Tim Ryan: I’m going to fight for the Americans Trump abandoned

Like many Americans, my family and I have spent our entire lives at the epicenter of de-industrialization. We’ve watched as urban and rural communities have been hollowed out — good paying jobs have gone overseas, too many people have died from opioid addict…

14 famous family feuds that rocked Hollywood

14 famous family feuds that rocked Hollywood

Many celebrity families have feuded in the spotlight. Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette haven’t always gotten along. Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain have since repaired their relationship. Visit INSIDER’s homepage for more stories. The life of a…

A Parent’s Guide to Setting Boundaries

While trying to write this article, I’ve had to shuffle a toddler off my lap about 57 times. Read more…

How Working Parents Can Make Family Meals Happen

Consider family breakfast.

Pick up a refurbished Nintendo Switch for under £200 from GAME

The Nintendo Switch might not be the most powerful console, or have the widest range of playable games, but it’s probably the most versatile device on the market right now. With the Nintendo Switch, you can get the whole family together and enjoy gaming on th…

NYT: Elaine Chao has deep business ties to China at time of US-Chinese competition

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s family has deep business ties to China — placing the key Cabinet official in a potentially conflicting position with the Trump administration’s confrontational posture toward the US’ major economic rival, according to a…

Deaths prompt international investigation

Deaths prompt international investigation

Family members of David and Michelle Paul are desperate for answers after the Texas couple died from a mysterious illness during a vacation to Fiji. CNN’s Paul Vercammen reports.

How foster care advocacy led a Googler to her family

In the United States, more than 440,000 children are in foster care. Every year, approximately 20,000 of those youth age out of care, without any positive familial support or connections. To help them, a network of families and professionals work tirelessly t…

YouTuber Sentenced to Prison For Giving Homeless Man Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

YouTube contains hundreds of videos of the toothpaste-filled-Oreo prank. A cursory search will turn up many of these videos showing children tricking their family into eating a fluoride-filled faux treat. But in January 2017, a teenage, Barcelona-based YouTub…

Winnipeg hospital investigating after remains of wrong baby sent to family – CTV News

Winnipeg hospital investigating after remains of wrong baby sent to family CTV News ‘I’m deeply sorry,’ says president of Winnipeg hospital after family buries wrong baby CBC News Winnipeg’s St. Boniface Hospital Sends Wrong Baby’s Remains To Nunavut Family H…

Mass grave in Poland embodies the violent beginning of the Bronze Age

The 5,000-year-old grave is the final resting place of an extended family.

Prince Louis melts hearts with wave

Prince Louis melts hearts with wave

The royal family celebrated Britain’s annual Trooping the Color which has marked the official birthday of the British Sovereign for more than 260 years

The Trump family visit to the UK is getting meme’d to hell

Every move Donald Trump and his family make on their London trip is getting meme’d. Trump puts on a strange looking tuxedo? Memes. The prodigal daughter Ivanka and her thumb of a husband Jared gaze out a window? Memes. The rest of the Trump boys put on tuxedo…

Trump’s Love Affair With the Royal Family Dates Back to His Mother

As a 6-year-old, Trump sat beside his mother as she watched Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, enthralled at the gilded splendor. His father scoffed at the ceremony.

An Army vet died in police custody and some organs are missing. His family wants answers.

Two days before he died, Everett Palmer Jr. called his brother, Dwayne, to tell him he was on his way from Delaware to New York to visit him and their sick mother. But first, he said, he wanted to resolve an outstanding DUI warrant from an incident in 2016 in…

‘Ice-breakers for that awkward family function’ – a bluffers’ guide to the Cricket World Cup

Comedian Andy Zaltzman gives his unique perspective on the runners and riders of the Cricket World Cup.

Prevent Awkward Family Conversations With an FAQ

Prevent Awkward Family Conversations With an FAQ

It doesn’t matter whether you see your family once a week or once a year, they seem to have a knack of asking about the subjects you’d prefer not to discuss. And if you have to attend a gathering with multiple extended family members—like Thanksgiving or a gr…

Trump wants into the royal family

Well, they did it. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner stood on the internal Buckingham Palace balcony on Monday and looked out at the Queen of England’s garden. Beneath them, Ivanka’s father walked beside the Prince of Wales, inspecting Queen Elizabeth II’s guard…

Family speaks out after veteran’s body returned

US Army veteran Everett Palmer Jr.’s body was returned to his family, but it was only after the family hired their own independent forensic pathologist that they discovered Palmer’s body was missing three body parts.

Trump planted stories about royal family

CNN’s KFILE found instances over years where then real-estate developer Donald Trump planted fake claims that members of the royal family were interested in buying property at Trump Tower or joining Mar-a-Lago.

ICE acting director says migrant family deportations are an option

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is exploring options to arrest and deport families who have gone through their legal proceedings and have been ordered to depart the US, new acting ICE Director Mark Morgan said on Tuesday.

Sweet pickle salad dressing. Yes, you heard me, sweet pickle salad dressing.

Sweet pickle salad dressing. Yes, you heard me, sweet pickle salad dressing.

It was the ’90s. Olive oil and vinegar on your salad was a thing. The explosion of homemade dressings had not yet trickled down from Chez Panisse to Middle America. So when a homemade (and I use that term loosely) dressing came around to our family table, we …

An American Family Detained in Syria Is Sent Back to the U.S.

A family of two women and six children were among some 12,000 foreigners affiliated with the Islamic State who are being held in detention camps across northeastern Syria.

That Viral Video of a Family Fleeing an Avalanche is Totally Fake

Have you seen that viral video of a family watching an avalanche? The dad leaves his wife and kids to die as the avalanche barrels down on them. It’s pretty funny in a twisted way. But the video is totally fake. Read more…

Parents: Are You Depressed or Just Tired?

Pre-motherhood, I was never prone to depression (anxiety is more my jam). But there have been several times since becoming a parent that I have wondered: Am I depressed? Days when I’ve wanted to get back into bed after school drop-off or weekends when I’ve se…

Book Your Fall Travel Now During Southwest’s Sale

Summer hasn’t officially started, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to autumn travel. Personally, September and October are my favorite months for a trip—the weather (in most places) is getting bearable again, and you don’t have to deal with the fa…

Khizr Khan, Meghan McCain bond over Trump feuds

Khizr Khan, Meghan McCain bond over Trump feuds

Gold Star father Khizr Khan sat down with Meghan McCain and commended the late Sen. John McCain for supporting Khan’s family in the wake of criticism from Donald Trump.

All three tourists checked in to hotel on same day

Five days before a Maryland couple was found dead in their hotel room in the Dominican Republic, a Pennsylvania woman named Miranda Schaup-Werner collapsed and died at the same resort shortly after she checked in, a family spokesman says.

US tourist died days before Maryland couple at the same Dominican Republic hotel

Five days before a Maryland couple was found dead in their hotel room in the Dominican Republic, a Pennsylvania woman collapsed and died at the same resort shortly after she checked in, a family spokesman says.

Jayme Closs’ full statement at her kidnapper’s sentencing

Before Jake Patterson was sentenced to two life sentences for kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing her parents in October, her family attorney read powerful words from her in court. Here’s her full statement:

Mom gives birth in car in viral video

A family was in a car when the mom went into labor. While the parents were focused on their child’s birth, the big brother filmed what the internet has named the “Infiniti baby.”