Trump Is Pushing to Restart Family Separations at Border

Trump Is Pushing to Restart Family Separations at Border

Migrants entering a Border Patrol vehicle in Sunland Park, N.M. last month. More than 2,700 children were separated from their parents at the border under Mr. Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy.

Family seeks answers in fifth-grader’s death after fight

Family members seek answers after a fifth-grade girl named Raniya Wright died following a fight at her elementary school. CNN’s Kaylee Hartung reports from South Carolina.

Family takes a ‘field trip’ around the world

Astrid Vinje and Clint Bush have embarked on a three-year journey around the world in an effort to give their kids a global education and a unique perspective on life

US family files wrongful death lawsuit in Ethiopian Airlines crash

The family of an American woman who died in last month’s Ethiopian Airlines crash has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines and a Delaware company alleged to have manufactured a defective part of the plane.

Ask The Salty Waitress: The drive-thru messed up my order and refused to make it right

Dear Salty: Last week, my family and I were in the mood for fast food fried chicken and decided to pick up a bucket. We got an 8-piece and two sides, and it took forever for the order to arrive. I left in a huff and just wanted to be home. Read more…

The Foreign Policy Fiasco That Wasn’t

The Foreign Policy Fiasco That Wasn’t

A refugee family near Aleppo, Syria, sitting beneath posters of Iranian and Syrian leaders.

The truth behind the Kardashians’ millions

America’s most infamous reality TV family have mixed the professional and the personal to great effect.

Avicii’s last album to be released in June

Avicii’s family is making sure the musician’s last works don’t go unheard.

The Newest Opioid Lawsuit Is Going Right After the Sackler Family

An enormous federal lawsuit out of New York is the latest and most brazen attempt to explicitly tie the billionaire Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, to the opioid crisis. It accuses them of knowingly misleading the public about the addictiveness of th…

Julian Assange Accused of Leaking President of Ecuador’s Private Family Photos

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno has accused Julian Assange of violating the terms of his asylum and leaking private photos of Moreno’s family and friends online in the latest dust-up between the WikiLeaks founder and his increasingly frustrated hosts. Read m…

Family Tree DNA offers to trade privacy to catch criminals

Family Tree DNA offers to trade privacy to catch criminals

The at-home DNA testing company Family Tree DNA is asking customers to share their genetic data to help law enforcement solve crimes. A video featuring Ed Smart, the father of kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart, attempts to frame the sharing of its genetic dat…

The mystery Samoan in my family tree

When Lennard Davis received an email from a stranger who said that Lennard was his closest living relative, Lennard assumed that it was a scam – but it wasn’t.

Review: Staging a True Family Nightmare in ‘Accidentally Brave’

What happens when the husband you thought you knew is discovered harboring a terrible secret? Maddie Corman learned the hard way.

Learn What You’re Bad at to Find the Thing You’re Really Good At

Dan Levy is best known right now for his portrayal of David rose in the beloved hit Schitt’s Creek, about a once-rich family living in the town they bought as a joke. Levy is also the series’ showrunner and creator, and he has some advice for how to amp your …

Yellow vest protests: Injured protester’s family to press charges

The 73-year-old woman was seriously injured at a banned yellow vest protest in Nice.

Michelle Obama's ex-top aide texted Smollett prosecutor early in the case. Some want that investigated

Michelle Obama’s ex-top aide texted Smollett prosecutor early in the case. Some want that investigated

Tina Tchen’s longtime friend wasn’t surprised the ex-Obama administration aide helped connect Jussie Smollett’s family with a top Illinois prosecutor. But Tchen’s involvement the case has sparked accusations of favoritism and calls for investigations.

Video shows hit-and-run driver plow into girl

The family of a young girl is looking for a hit-and-run driver after security footage shows a vehicle drive through their yard and hit a 9-year-old child.

Past Tense: A Talking Dog, a Loch Ness Family: 15 Fantastical, Amusing Tales From the Times Archives

Ghosts! Billygoats! Lazy men and thirsty thieves! All these stories — and more like them — as they were dutifully reported in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

I’m Author Daniel Pink, and This Is How I Parent

Daniel Pink is the bestselling author of several game-changing books about behavior, motivation and organizations, including his latest, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. So he must have this parenting thing in the bag, right? “I am more than wi…

‘Mastermind’ of Gurugram family attack arrested – Times of India

‘Mastermind’ of Gurugram family attack arrested Times of India “They Even Beat My 3-Year-Old”: Gurugram Family In Dread After Mob Attack NDTV News One more arrested for attacking Gurgaon family The Indian Express After attack on Gurugram family, security uppe…

Three Generations of a Canadian Family Died in Ethiopian Plane Crash

Three Generations of a Canadian Family Died in Ethiopian Plane Crash

“I am not angry, but I am devastated, I have lost everyone,” said Manant Vaidya, whose parents, sister, brother-in-law and two teenage nieces died in the crash.

New York Today: Frank Cali’s Killing, the Gambino Family and the State of the Mob

Friday: “The Mafia, whether you like it or not, always has been part of the fabric of New York life,” one expert said.

How Do I Kick My Ex-Friend out of Our Shared Google Account?

Between all that talk of Family Sharing for Apple’s new “Plus” services, and the fact that I finally set up my house’s shared Netflix account on my TV the other day, I think a lot about how to minimize the financial impact of my technological needs. And that …

A Conspiracy Theorist, a Murdered Gambino Boss and a Mystery Motive

Anthony Comello, 24, had become fascinated with right-wing conspiracy theories before he allegedly assassinated a leader in the Gambino crime family.

As Mueller Report Lands, Prosecutorial Focus Moves to New York

Some of the Southern District of New York’s investigations into President Trump and his family business grew out of its case against Michael D. Cohen, the president’s former lawyer and fixer.

They Let a Sick Inmate Die in a Van. Now They Won’t Pay His Family $650,000.

They Let a Sick Inmate Die in a Van. Now They Won’t Pay His Family $650,000.

Photographs of a U.S. Corrections van, submitted as part of the company’s application for approval to merge with the nation’s largest prisoner transport firm, P.T.S.

Museums Cut Ties With Sacklers as Outrage Over Opioid Crisis Grows

Protesters at the Guggenheim Museum last month dropped white slips of paper symbolizing OxyContin prescriptions. Last week the museum said it would no longer accept money from members of the family behind the drug.

Meghan Markle speaks out on racist press

As the royal family cracks down on sexist and racist abuse aimed at Meghan Markle online, the Duchess of Sussex discusses the pitfalls of social media at an event for International Women’s Day. CNN’s Max Foster reports.

His son died. Then conspiracy theorists attacked him

After a tragedy like Sandy Hook, survivors and family members find themselves on the receiving end of online harassment. These grassroots efforts are trying to put a stop to it.

Brampton family unable to identify family member during trip to Ethiopia – CTV News

Brampton family unable to identify family member during trip to Ethiopia CTV News The Brampton, Ont., family that lost six members in the Ethiopia Airlines crash says authorities in that country have told them it could take up to six months to… View full co…

‘It’s Probably Over for Us’: Record Floods Bring New Toll When Farmers Can Least Afford It

‘It’s Probably Over for Us’: Record Floods Bring New Toll When Farmers Can Least Afford It

The Ruzicka family farm in Verdigre, Neb., on Monday. Farmers across Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota have lost livestock and livelihoods after record floods pummeled the region.

Your Ancestors Were Slaves. Who Owns the Photos of Them?

Tamara Lanier, second from left, poses in her living room with family members and an 1850 portrait of Renty, an enslaved man she says is her ancestor. She is suing Harvard University for ownership of the portrait.

To Barbara Bush, Donald Trump Represented ‘Greed, Selfishness’

Barbara Bush, the former first lady, in 2005. In the months before her death last year, Mrs. Bush abandoned the party she and her family had spent their whole lives building.

Nasrin Sotoudeh: Iran human rights lawyer jailed for 38 years, say family

Nasrin Sotoudeh has defended women arrested for protesting against Iran’s headscarf laws.

White Police Officer Is Acquitted in Death of Antwon Rose, a Black Teenager

S. Lee Merritt, left, the lawyer for Antwon Rose II’s family, and Michelle Kenney, center, Antwon’s mother, after closing arguments Friday in the trial of a former East Pittsburgh police officer in Antwon’s death. The officer, Michael Rosfeld, was acquitted.

How to Start Figuring Out if You Want to Have Kids

How to Start Figuring Out if You Want to Have Kids

Being able to make an active decision to have or not have kids is an enormous privilege. It can also be one of the most difficult decisions you make. Ann Davidson is a marriage and family therapist who works as a “Motherhood Clarity Mentor” for people struggl…

Facebook Blames Protracted Outage on a ‘Server Configuration Change’

After the better part of a day, Facebook’s “ family of apps ” are being restored to normalcy. Read more…

Kentucky Family Sues Local Health Department Over School Ban of Unvaccinated Children

A Kentucky teen and his family are suing their local health department over its attempt to protect the public from the chickenpox virus. Read more…

After Deadly Insider Attack, U.S. Airstrikes Kill 14 Civilians, Afghans Say

American and Afghan forces traded fire, provoked by a Taliban insider. Then, Afghan officials say, an American airstrike hit the home of a large refugee family.

Reviving a Centuries-Old Abandoned Castle and, With It, a Way of Life

In southern Tuscany, a family of British bohemians has created an elegantly undone cultural refuge that pays homage to the everyday life of ancient Italy.