Trump Family Considers Selling Hotel in Washington

Trump Family Considers Selling Hotel in Washington

The hotel is a frequent target of criticism for President Trump because it frequently hosts foreign diplomats and corporate executives with business before his administration.

Analysis: Harry and Meghan opened the door to a side of royal life we don’t often see

Every family has their ups and their downs, and Britain’s royal family are no exception — we just don’t normally hear about them.

Before First Federal Execution in Years, Family of Victims Dissents

A white supremacist was convicted of horrible crimes. But victims’ family members, the prosecutor and the judge have all said the death sentence was too arbitrary to justify.

Get 50% Off Amtrak Tickets Right Now

In case you haven’t yet made traveling arrangements for Thanksgiving, now’s your chance to book a train back home (or wherever you go to avoid family during the holidays)—for two days only, Amtrak is having a 50% off sale on travel this November. Read more…

Trapped in Syria, Part 1: A Father’s Fight

He says his daughter was tricked by her husband into joining ISIS. We hear about one man’s battle to bring his family home from a war zone.

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