How to Create a Chinese Feast, Inspired by Lulu Wang’s ‘The Farewell’

How to Create a Chinese Feast, Inspired by Lulu Wang’s ‘The Farewell’

The filmmaker and her family gathered to cook a dinner that is a nod to their grandmother’s home city of Changchun in northern China.

In Wisconsin Swing District, a Range of Views on Immigration

Invoking family stories of coming to America, many left-leaning voters in the multiethnic city of Racine say immigrants should enter legally.

The Kennedy compound, in pictures

The Kennedy compound, a six-acre waterfront property in Hyannis Port, is an idyllic setting where the family has gathered in times both happy and sad.

A family vlog channel is selling creepily lifelike dolls of their newborn baby

YouTubers get a bad rep for constantly shilling their merch, but this family channel’s commitment to getting personal with fans is on another level. The Inghams, and their 1.2 million subscribers, welcomed their fourth child Jace into the world in March. His …

Comcast gives kids great new way to decimate family data plans

The great parents vs. kids screen time battle is heating up. Comcast announced Tuesday that it is releasing new parental controls to manage kids’ access to WiFi. Parents who are XFinity WiFi (or xFi) users can set WiFi time limits for all of their kids’ devic…

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