US judge says teenager rape defendant from 'good family' deserves leniency

US judge says teenager rape defendant from ‘good family’ deserves leniency

The judge also said victim should have been told pressing charges would destroy the accused’s life.

Booker speechless over McConnell slaveholder comment

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker was at a loss for words after listening to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell compare himself to former President Obama in response to a report that his family owned slaves.

Utah school district settles with biracial boy who was dragged by a school bus

A Utah school district has settled a civil rights lawsuit by the family of a biracial student who was dragged by a school bus, the family’s attorney told CNN Thursday.

Woman dies 2 weeks after cutting her leg walking on a Florida beach

A woman died two weeks after cutting her leg while walking along the coast on Anna Maria Island, Florida, according to her family. Her leg became infected with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly called flesh-eating bacteria.

Cameron Boyce’s death shines a light on fatal stigma

The death of Cameron Boyce, the talented Disney actor who according to his family died in his sleep following a seizure at the age of 20, resonates deeply with the experiences of so many other families who have lost their loved ones to Sudden Unexpected Death…

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