How Do I Digitize and Share a Ton of Old Family Photos?

How Do I Digitize and Share a Ton of Old Family Photos?

Welcome back to another week of Tech 911 —Lifehacker’s advice column that’s designed to answer your most pressing and peculiar questions about technology. This week, we’re taking a question from someone who wants to find a solid photo-storage service for a sp…

The Meaning Behind the #UnwantedIvanka Meme

Bizarre Photoshops of the first family are typically more internet game than political commentary. This one’s different.

How to Cure a Hangover

If you’ve ever had one too many white wine spritzers at a family function, you know the effects of waking up the next morning with a nasty hangover. Read more…

Family Threatened by Phoenix Police Rejects Apology as a ‘Sham’

A department with a record number of shootings last year was shown on video aiming a gun in a shoplifting case. Critics say officers routinely blame residents for their use of force.

California Today: Should We Get Rid of Single-Family Zoning?

Thursday: Cities around the country are grappling with that question. Here, it’s urgent. Also: PG&E’s wildfire liability and Latinx artists.

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