How to Find a Family Member's WWII Service Records

How to Find a Family Member’s WWII Service Records

Last week’s 75th anniversary of D-Day was a reminder to many of the kids and grandkids of World War II veterans that we still don’t know the details of so many of their stories. Any description about their experiences in the war that were passed down were oft…

Jury reaches verdict for McStay family killing

The jury reached a verdict in the trial for the McStay family killings. HLN’s Shyann Malone goes through the trial’s time line.

How a 19th-Century Workman’s Cottage Became a Family Home

In Gallatin, N.Y., the husband-wife co-founders behind the design firm Workstead converted a 1850s clapboard house into a rural idyll.

The First Murder Case to Use Family Tree Forensics Goes to Trial

A 32-year-old murder case got its first arrest after police turned to genetic genealogy. Now the technique’s legality is getting scrutiny in the courtroom.

Disappeared Argentina activists’ son finds family after 40 years

Javier Darroux Mijalchuk’s parents were abducted in 1977, during Argentina’s military dictatorship.

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