Prevent Awkward Family Conversations With an FAQ

Prevent Awkward Family Conversations With an FAQ

It doesn’t matter whether you see your family once a week or once a year, they seem to have a knack of asking about the subjects you’d prefer not to discuss. And if you have to attend a gathering with multiple extended family members—like Thanksgiving or a gr…

Trump wants into the royal family

Well, they did it. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner stood on the internal Buckingham Palace balcony on Monday and looked out at the Queen of England’s garden. Beneath them, Ivanka’s father walked beside the Prince of Wales, inspecting Queen Elizabeth II’s guard…

Family speaks out after veteran’s body returned

US Army veteran Everett Palmer Jr.’s body was returned to his family, but it was only after the family hired their own independent forensic pathologist that they discovered Palmer’s body was missing three body parts.

Trump planted stories about royal family

CNN’s KFILE found instances over years where then real-estate developer Donald Trump planted fake claims that members of the royal family were interested in buying property at Trump Tower or joining Mar-a-Lago.

ICE acting director says migrant family deportations are an option

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is exploring options to arrest and deport families who have gone through their legal proceedings and have been ordered to depart the US, new acting ICE Director Mark Morgan said on Tuesday.

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