Why There Has Been a Surge in Single Mothers Who Work

Why There Has Been a Surge in Single Mothers Who Work

A booming economy is one reason, along with state and local family-friendly policies, but also a fraying federal safety net.

Four Years After Beau Biden’s Death, His Father Bonds With Voters in Pain

As Joe Biden runs for president, there is evidence that his family tragedies have helped him form connections with voters grappling with their own grief.

Democrat who voted for Trump: He sold us broken promises

CNN’s Van Jones revisits a family of Ohio voters who supported Donald Trump in 2016 to see if they still support the President heading into the 2020 election.

Lawmakers Bring Familiar Claims From Michael Cohen Into the Open

House investigators appeared to be interested in his testimony that lawyers for President Trump and his family helped shape his false testimony about a Trump Tower proposal in Moscow.

Family of Los Angeles Teenager Killed by Deputy to Receive $3.75 Million in Settlement

Relatives of Anthony Weber still disagree with sheriff’s deputies who say the 16-year-old had a gun when he was fatally shot last year.

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