You Should Create a Family Motto

You Should Create a Family Motto

When we were foster parents to a nine-year-old boy a couple of years ago, my husband and I implemented a family motto. It was one that was suggested to a group of us during a foster parenting training session, a mantra that is often used when parenting kids w…

Bowers & Wilkins unveils wireless Formation speaker family

Bowers & Wilkins, best known for its luxurious Nautilus and 800 Series Diamond speakers, is launching a wireless audio system called Formation. The company is starting with a soundbar, two bookshelf-style speakers, a cheaper single speaker, a standalone subwo…

Chinese Family Reportedly Paid $6.5 Million for Spot at Stanford

The student, Yusi Zhao, was admitted to Stanford in 2017. Her family had tried to get her recruited to the sailing program.

with …: Tom Ford, Fragrant Vegan Vampire

How a designer known for sex and excess became a devoted family man — and C.F.D.A. chief!

Chance encounter brings heart transplant recipient and donor’s family together

In a chance encounter that had everyone in tears, a man who received a heart transplant ran into his donor’s family at a St. Louis Cardinals game on the MLB team’s Transplant Awareness Day.

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