Family Tree DNA offers to trade privacy to catch criminals

Family Tree DNA offers to trade privacy to catch criminals

The at-home DNA testing company Family Tree DNA is asking customers to share their genetic data to help law enforcement solve crimes. A video featuring Ed Smart, the father of kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart, attempts to frame the sharing of its genetic dat…

The mystery Samoan in my family tree

When Lennard Davis received an email from a stranger who said that Lennard was his closest living relative, Lennard assumed that it was a scam – but it wasn’t.

Review: Staging a True Family Nightmare in ‘Accidentally Brave’

What happens when the husband you thought you knew is discovered harboring a terrible secret? Maddie Corman learned the hard way.

Learn What You’re Bad at to Find the Thing You’re Really Good At

Dan Levy is best known right now for his portrayal of David rose in the beloved hit Schitt’s Creek, about a once-rich family living in the town they bought as a joke. Levy is also the series’ showrunner and creator, and he has some advice for how to amp your …

Yellow vest protests: Injured protester’s family to press charges

The 73-year-old woman was seriously injured at a banned yellow vest protest in Nice.

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