Put Your Kids in Charge of Gift-Giving This Year

Put Your Kids in Charge of Gift-Giving This Year

It started with a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law (or “Auntie,” as she’s called) several years ago: In trying to choose gifts for all the members of our large family, I was running out of creative ideas. I asked my then four-year-old son what he wanted to…

Strangers attend vet’s funeral

After a funeral home announced a Vietnam veteran had no known family, all these people showed up to honor him.

Paul Caneiro Is Charged in Colts Neck Murder of His Brother’s Family

Firefighters responding to a house fire in Colts Neck, N.J., found Keith M. Caneiro shot to death outside his home and the bodies of his wife and two young children inside.

Lens: One Family’s Story of Deportation to Mexico

Lourdes Salazar Bautista, left, and her daughter Pamela Quintana-Salazar during a meeting with friends, family and campaign leaders the day before her deportation was confirmed.

Call of Duty ‘swatting’ death prankster pleads guilty

The 25-year-old had fooled police into thinking a father-of-two had murdered a family member.

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