How to Entertain Kids at Restaurants—Without Screens

How to Entertain Kids at Restaurants—Without Screens

Want to have a nice meal out with your family, free of whining and complaining and screens? Well, we’re not miracle workers, but every parent who likes to eat out should keep a “restaurant bag” stashed in their car. Read more…

Director Nicolas Roeg dies aged 90

Director Nicolas Roeg, whose films include Don’t Look Now and Performance, has died aged 90, his family says

Stuff Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Crunchwrap

Gather ‘round, my little trash pandas, for I have a treat for you. I have a leftover delivery system that will make you the gender neutral monarch of Leftover Land. While the bogus nerds in your family stuff their faces with boring, pedestrian turkey sandwich…

Duck Boat Captain in Missouri Is Indicted in 17 Deaths

The captain faces criminal charges of misconduct and neglect after the boat sank during a storm last summer, killing nine members of the same family.

The Ghosts of New York’s Past

The staircase leading up to the bedrooms in the Merchant’s House Museum that some of the Tredwell family members died in.

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