Siri Pulls Up Image of an Actual Dick When Asked About Trump

Siri Pulls Up Image of an Actual Dick When Asked About Trump

Maybe you’re enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your family when the age of the president of the United States comes up in conversation. Perhaps your family is discussing whether nightly double-fisted Big Macs takes a toll on the body, or whether Califo…

Trump Proposes a New Way Around Birth Control Mandate: Religious Exemptions and Title X

Women who are unable to obtain health insurance coverage for contraceptives through their employers could seek assistance at family planning clinics, the administration says.

How to talk politics on Thanksgiving

A CNN panel discusses tips for navigating conversations on divisive issues with family that may come up on Thanksgiving Day.

This Thanksgiving, I’m Staying Home and Replacing My Family With Hulu

The geography of King of the Hill is a little wonky, but I believe it takes place within a 60-mile radius of where I grew up. Read more…

Ohio Police Make Arrests in Brutal 2016 Killings of 8 Family Members

Sheriff Charles Reader of Pike County, Ohio, joined a news conference on Tuesday to announce arrests in the killings of eight members of one family, the Rhodens, in rural Ohio two years ago.

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