Family fighting to keep daughter alive

Family fighting to keep daughter alive

Doctors pronounced 9-year-old Payton Summons braindead, but her family is fighting to keep her alive.

Opinion: In Trump’s family, the apple never really fell

The New York Times published on Tuesday a spectacular bit of reporting, stretching out to nearly 15,000 words, on how Fred Trump, the President’s late father, used aggressive tax avoidance schemes to get vast sums of wealth to his children, especially Donald.

Neighborhood Joint: Same Burgers, Glitzier Restaurant

Burger Heaven, a family business in Midtown since 1943, went through a name change and a renovation, but customers are loyal and the sandwiches remain the same.

Pakistan auctions off ex-PM Nawaz Sharif’s buffaloes

The animals, which fetched $19,000, reportedly supplied Nawaz Sharif and his family with milk.

Enjoy the Sweet Freedom of Spotify’s Family Plan While It Lasts

If you’re saving a few bucks with a Spotify family plan without following the company’s one-household rule, be sure to take advantage of it while you still can. Spotify may come knocking for your “GPS data” to confirm you are indeed following the rules, or el…

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