At 9/11 Memorial, Remembering Those Lost

At 9/11 Memorial, Remembering Those Lost

In a somber ritual at the World Trade Center site, family members and loved ones read the names of the victims and offered personal remembrances.

Georgia Police Dept. Defends Use of Taser on 87-Year-Old Woman Cutting Dandelions

The woman, Martha Bishara, was cutting the plants with a knife when officers asked her to drop it. Her family said she speaks very little English.

Lens: ‘My Moms Never Tried to Hide the Fact That We Were a Family’

Katie Swanger set out to celebrate her unusual family by photographing her two mothers and the men who have become her brothers.

Korea reunion: ‘I’m hoping to hug my grown-up son’

Lee Keum-seom is one of dozens of South Koreans heading to the North to meet long-lost family.

How drought affects children in New South Wales, Australia

Australian kids say the New South Wales drought is hitting their family life and schooling hard.

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