Wordplay: One Hundred Miles From Here

Wordplay: One Hundred Miles From Here

Solving the crossword helps a young woman stay connected to family as she ventures toward independence.

Why You Can’t Rely on Your Phone in the Great Outdoors

If you’re old enough, you may remember carrying maps in your car and telling family the phone number of the place you’re going. But who does that these days, when you just have your phone on you at all times? Well, if you’re heading out for a hiking or campin…

Mobilize Your Democrat Friends to Vote in the Next Election With This App

If last year’s presidential election taught us anything, it’s that voting is important. No matter what your political leanings, voting is important, and something we should all encourage our friends and family to do. Now there’s an app for that. Read more…

Family of five’s kayak boat capsizes. Only the mother survives

A family’s vacation on Lake Superior took a tragic turn when a kayak capsized, killing the father and three young children and leaving the mother as the sole survivor.

Avicii’s family set up tribute site for fans

Fans have been invited to share their memories of the DJ on the memory board.

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