How A Group of Imprisoned Hackers Introduced JPay to the World

How A Group of Imprisoned Hackers Introduced JPay to the World

Over the last 15 years, JPay has quietly been moving into prisons across the country—connecting family members through email, at a cost.

Your Homemade Cranberry Sauce Sucks

Today is a day of thanks, of family, and of good food. Now please pass the cranberry sauce. No, not that homemade crap; the sliced up gel thing from the can. Read more…

How Do You Get Through a Challenging Holiday Season?

The holidays are notorious for sometimes being as difficult as they are festive. Short days and low temperatures aren’t helping anyone, and that’s even before the forced cheer and family obligations get going. Read more…

Facebook’s New Focus on ‘Community’ Might Actually Depress You

A survey finds that social networks that feature entertainment make users happier than those that highlight posts from friends and family.

Disturbing details revealed in Turpin family investigation

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin painted a gruesome picture of physical and emotional abuse as he announced torture charges against David and Louise Turpin, a couple accused of keeping their 13 children captive in their home.

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