Bringing Back ‘Dougla’ Is a Family Affair

Bringing Back ‘Dougla’ Is a Family Affair

Crystal Serrano (center) and fellow Dance Theater of Harlem dancers in Geoffrey Holder’s “Dougla,” in which sweeping skirts are a part of the choreography.

Ayesha Curry dominates ‘Family Feud’

“Celebrity Family Feud” pitted NBA stars Stephen Curry and Chris Paul’s families against each other.

MentalHappy helps companies send custom care packages to employees going through a rough time

For many people, their workplaces become like a second family. More companies are recognizing this with better benefits such as longer family leave and wellness programs. But when an employee needs to take a break or is going through a hard time, they can fee…

Teen pop idol David Cassidy dies aged 67

Former The Partridge Family star and singer David Cassidy dies aged 67, his family says.

Keep Books for Your Kid in Every Room of Your House

You know when you come across a piece of expert advice and it’s something you already do out of convenience or laziness, and then you feel smug and think: Oh yes, I knew what I was doing all along? That’s what happened when I came across a tip in in Sarah Mac…

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