Explain How to Fix Computer Problems Easier By Recording Your Screen

Explain How to Fix Computer Problems Easier By Recording Your Screen

I have a bit of reputation with my family and friends for knowing how to fix people’s computer problems. When that person is in front of me, then explaining how to do that thing on Facebook or change that computer setting is pretty simple, but when I’m talkin…

The DipClip is the answer to all our ketchup-covered problems

I eat fast food more than I like to admit. I drive a lot—to visit my wife’s family in Michigan, to eat cheese in Milwaukee for the weekend, or to see my family who now live in Chicago’s southwest ’burbs. Read more…

How to Get Time to Yourself When Visiting Relatives

Even if you’re not someone who normally needs a lot of “me time,” visiting family can be overwhelming. In a packed house, you need specific strategies to get some time alone without coming off as distant or uninterested in spending time with your family. Read…

Royal family member gets engaged

Now 2018 will have two royal weddings. Princess Eugenie is getting married in the fall after Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle in May.

See emotional family members reunite

A group of mostly elderly South Koreans are crossing into North Korea to reunite with family members many haven’t seen nor heard from since the Korean War broke out 68 years ago. CNN’s Paula Hancocks reports.

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