Senior Saudi royal family members are detained, according to reports

Senior Saudi royal family members are detained, according to reports

Saudi Arabia has detained three members of the Saudi royal family in an apparent bid to consolidate Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s power, according to reports in The Wall Street Journal and New York Times who spoke to sources familiar with the matter.

Share Accounts Without Sharing Your Passwords With DoNotPay

People share passwords for their various streaming services all the time. Whether you personally take part in this practice or not is your own ethical gray area to manage, but it’s a common practice in the digital world: You trade me a spot in your Netflix fa…

Before Princess Diana was a royal

The youngest daughter of Earl Spencer, Diana Spencer grew up in a prominent family before meeting Prince Charles.

Seth Meyers explains how a policy meant to help poorer communities is enriching Trump’s family instead

Seth Meyers took a short break from the swirling horrors of the 2020 election and coronavirus epidemic this Tuesday, focusing instead on other terrible things slinking beneath the radar. Specifically, how Trump’s family is benefiting from the “opportunity zon…

How to Redownload Old Apps You Purchased From the App Store

Setting up a new phone is always a pain. But it can be especially annoying trying to search for and re-download all of your apps. In the video above, I show you how to easily find all the apps you’ve ever downloaded or purchased. Read more…

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