Watch this woman flub her Canadian 'Family Feud' answer in the most iconic way

Watch this woman flub her Canadian ‘Family Feud’ answer in the most iconic way

A contestant on the Canadian version of Family Feud has given what will surely go down as one of the best-worst answers in game show history. The woman, whose name tag read “Eve,” stepped up to the plate to answer a question during a crucial moment in the gam…

Meghan Markle’s husband speaks out about royal family split, kindly asks everyone to step off

“Harxit” may not really roll off the tongue the way “Megxit” does — but Prince Harry would like to make it clear that the decision to bail on being royalty was actually his, thank you very much. After weeks of royal family drama and years of appalling treatme…

Emiliano Sala: A year on from plane crash, his family speak of ‘pain that will never go away’

One year has passed since Emiliano Sala’s death in a plane crash. His family in the small rural town of Progreso, Argentina, are still suffering.

Madame Tussauds removes Meghan and Harry waxworks

London’s Madame Tussauds museum has announced that it has removed the waxworks of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from its Royal Family set.

Ikea to pay $46 million to family of toddler crushed by dresser

Swedish furniture maker Ikea will pay $46 million to the family of a California toddler who died after being crushed by one of its dressers.

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