Your Thursday Briefing

Your Thursday Briefing

Donald Trump, British Royal Family, Cuttlefish: Here’s what you need to know.

Simon Stone Faced the Unthinkable. He Thinks You Should Too.

After a family tragedy, the Australian director found a home in the theater, creating harrowing updates of classics. His latest: “Medea” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Mac Miller’s final recordings are being released

The family of the late musician Mac Miller has announced they’re releasing a new album of his final recordings.

Producer of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ dies at 86

Lee Mendelson, the longtime executive producer of numerous specials for the TV animated series “Peanuts,” has died, his family said.

Instead of Big New Year’s Resolutions, Make Smaller New Year’s Goals

It’s that time of the year where all of us start to think about how we’re going to improve our lives in the following year. Maybe we’re going to start running or spend time more time with friends or family. Whatever your hopes and dreams are for 2020, you’re …

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