Giving Birth Where the Family Is

Giving Birth Where the Family Is

Canada’s government once pressured Inuit women to travel south to give birth. Now, they can have their babies at a hometown maternity clinic led by Inuit midwives.

How to Fix Your Family’s Tech Problems Without Going Crazy

I don’t mind helping out friends, loved ones, and extended family members when some device or service goes wrong, but it can be tricky when they don’t quite understand how to describe the problem—or even the things they’ve done to fix it. Having found myself …

Family accidentally cooks snake with pizza

A North Carolina family dinner took an unpleasant twist after they found a crispy 18-inch snake baking in their oven alongside their pizza.

Mexican Police Chief Arrested in Massacre of Mormon Family

The killings of three woman and six children, members of a binational community that farms land in northern Mexico, reverberated worldwide.

Family plea for return of son’s stolen ashes in Cyprus

The parents were preparing to scatter the teenager’s ashes at a scenic spot before they were robbed.

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