Trump’s NOAA Pick, Barry Myers, Asks to Withdraw Nomination

Trump’s NOAA Pick, Barry Myers, Asks to Withdraw Nomination

Mr. Myers, whose nomination had stalled in the Senate, said medical issues made leading the agency “impractical.” Some Democrats had questioned his ties to a family-run private forecasting company.

See Ellen surprise couple after viral tweet

Ellen DeGeneres surprised a lesbian couple with an appearance on her show and a $25,000 wedding gift after they said some family members wouldn’t attend their wedding because they’re gay.

Password Managers Are Actually a Really Good Gift

The holidays are nearly here, and that means you may be scraping up loose change in your sofa cushions for any gift-giving you plan to be doing this season. But the best gift you can give your loved ones this year—be they friends, family, or secret Santa pals…

Evacuation Slide Mysteriously Falls Off of a Boeing Plane in Flight and Lands in Family’s Yard

If you’re keeping a running list of all the things that could potentially go wrong with Boeing’s planes, you can add “mysteriously ejects its own emergency inflatable evacuation slide” to the list, as a Milton, Massachusetts, family discovered yesterday after…

The best thermometers for you and your entire family – CNET

When the flu strikes, you’re going to want one of these thermometers.

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