How to make Thanksgiving cleanup suck less

How to make Thanksgiving cleanup suck less

My family has pretty much every dish covered for Thanksgiving dinner. Out of a need to feel responsible, I have assigned myself two critical jobs every Thanksgiving: baking two pumpkin pies strictly adherent to the Libby’s canned pumpkin recipe, and cleaning…

Record and Share Bedtime Stories for Your Kid Using Google Home

For most parents, sharing a nighttime story with their child is a precious and important time, but sometimes the tucking-in duties fall to baby sitters and other family members. The latest Google Home update adds a new “My Storytime” feature that lets parents…

Warn Your Parents About Gold and Silver Coin Scams

Here’s one more tricky topic to navigate with your family this holiday season: gold and silver retirement scams. An investigation by Quartz detailed these scams, which con seniors into moving their retirement funds to volatile precious metals investments. Gol…

I Give Thanks for the Matriarchs

The women in my family who came before me made it possible for me to face life’s hardships.

After 240 Years and 7 Generations, Forced to Sell the Family Farm

The aging owners of a Catskills farm say it “has to close so we can survive.”

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