Should You Grow Your Family Through Foster Care Adoption?

Should You Grow Your Family Through Foster Care Adoption?

For many parents, deciding if, when or how to grow your family can be difficult. And when other factors—such as infertility or the heightened needs of your other children—come into play, the decision-making can be that much harder. Here’s this week’s Parental…

Federal judge awards journalist Jason Rezaian and family $180 million

Federal Judge Richard Leon in Washington, DC, on Friday ordered Iran to pay Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and his family $180 million for his 544 days in custody.

Myanmar Rohingya: Will Omar get justice for his murdered family?

Three legal developments offer hope to those who say Myanmar’s Rohingya were victims of genocide.

The Best Thanksgiving Movies That Aren’t About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, which, for those of us who avoid family during the holidays, means it’s a day dedicated to staring at your television or laptop’s screen for hours at a time. If you aren’t in the holiday spirit, perhaps because you’re spending …

The Best and Worst Moments From Last Night’s Democratic Debate

Capping off a long day of impeachment hearing testimonies, last night’s Democratic debate featured 10 presidential hopefuls debating over issues of sufficient paid family leave, women’s reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade, and the U.S.’ role in ongoing protes…

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