Meghan makes first public appearance since stepping back from royal family

Meghan makes first public appearance since stepping back from royal family

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has visited a women’s center in Vancouver, in her first public appearance since she and her husband, Prince Harry, made the bombshell announcement that they would be stepping back from their roles as senior members of the British roy…

LumApps raises $70M Series C led by Goldman Sachs

LumApps, the cloud-based social intranet for the enterprise, has closed $70 million in Series C funding. Leading the round is Goldman Sachs Growth, with participation from Bpifrance via its Growth Fund Large Venture. Others participating include Idinvest Part…

Disney+ was the most downloaded app in the U.S. in Q4 2019

U.S. consumers have shown strong interest in Disney’s new family-friendly streaming service, Disney+, according to new data from Sensor Tower, which focused app trends in the final quarter of 2019. Following the app’s mid-November launch in the U.S., Disney+ …

Caregiving startup Homage raises $10 million Series B to enter new Asian markets

In many countries, an aging population coupled with a low birth rate is increasing the demand for qualified caregivers. In Asia, the need is especially urgent because rapid demographic shifts and changing social structures means family members who traditional…

What’s Coming to Disney+ in February 2020

Disney+ is one of the newest streaming services on the block, but arguably the one with some of the best content out there right now. Read more…

Watch this woman flub her Canadian 'Family Feud' answer in the most iconic way

Watch this woman flub her Canadian ‘Family Feud’ answer in the most iconic way

A contestant on the Canadian version of Family Feud has given what will surely go down as one of the best-worst answers in game show history. The woman, whose name tag read “Eve,” stepped up to the plate to answer a question during a crucial moment in the gam…

Meghan Markle’s husband speaks out about royal family split, kindly asks everyone to step off

“Harxit” may not really roll off the tongue the way “Megxit” does — but Prince Harry would like to make it clear that the decision to bail on being royalty was actually his, thank you very much. After weeks of royal family drama and years of appalling treatme…

Emiliano Sala: A year on from plane crash, his family speak of ‘pain that will never go away’

One year has passed since Emiliano Sala’s death in a plane crash. His family in the small rural town of Progreso, Argentina, are still suffering.

Madame Tussauds removes Meghan and Harry waxworks

London’s Madame Tussauds museum has announced that it has removed the waxworks of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from its Royal Family set.

Ikea to pay $46 million to family of toddler crushed by dresser

Swedish furniture maker Ikea will pay $46 million to the family of a California toddler who died after being crushed by one of its dressers.

How to Become the Favorite Aunt or Uncle

How to Become the Favorite Aunt or Uncle

I’m lucky: As a kid, I had excellent examples of how to be a fun aunt, and even as a teen, I knew it was a role I wanted to play in adulthood. And because my younger brother has autism—severe enough so that having his own family is not in the cards—that meant…

Wuhan pneumonia outbreak: First case reported outside China

The outbreak of the virus, which is from the same family as Sars, began in Wuhan in December.

Claire and Jamie fight for their family in dramatic ‘Outlander’ Season 5 trailer

The Frasers are finally together, but that’s only half the fight on the future of Outlander. Having established a life in America, Jamie and Claire must assert their very lives and family in a time of deep unrest and twisted loyalties. Outlander ‘s 12-episode…

Harry and Meghan: Who are the royals’ most powerful aides?

The Royal Family have met to discuss the couple’s future. But who are the people closest to them?

Harry and Meghan announce plan to ‘step back’ from senior Royal Family roles

It appears the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are taking a break from the brightest royal spotlight. On Wednesday, the couple’s official Instagram account announced that “after many months of reflection and internal discussions,” Harry and Meghan “have chosen to …

How Do You Navigate Play Dates When You're a 'Device-Free' Family?

How Do You Navigate Play Dates When You’re a ‘Device-Free’ Family?

As screen-free as you and your little kids may be (or you may want them to be), there comes a point when even the devices of others become unavoidable. You may not want your kids to have tablets, but all of their cousins have them. Your kid wants to play with…

Trump weighs in on royal family bombshell

President Trump shares his thoughts on the news that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, are stepping back from their royal duties.

Iran air disaster: A family lost

Pedram Mousavi, Mojgan Daneshmand, and their two daughters were all passengers on flight PS752.

Stephen Colbert cracks jokes about the latest royal family drama

Stephen Colbert didn’t go quite as in-depth as Trevor Noah regarding Prince Harry and Meghan’s recent royal family announcement — but during Monday night’s edition of The Late Show, he certainly found time to squeeze a few jokes in. “Last week, Prince Harry a…

Opinion: Harry and Meghan aren’t actually quitting the family business

When I was 16 years old, I joined Republic, the British organization which campaigns to abolish the monarchy. Americans, it has always seemed to me, got this one right in 1776. Why afford political power and taxpayer-funded luxury to a bunch of people on the …

Your Thursday Briefing

Your Thursday Briefing

Donald Trump, British Royal Family, Cuttlefish: Here’s what you need to know.

Simon Stone Faced the Unthinkable. He Thinks You Should Too.

After a family tragedy, the Australian director found a home in the theater, creating harrowing updates of classics. His latest: “Medea” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Mac Miller’s final recordings are being released

The family of the late musician Mac Miller has announced they’re releasing a new album of his final recordings.

Producer of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ dies at 86

Lee Mendelson, the longtime executive producer of numerous specials for the TV animated series “Peanuts,” has died, his family said.

Instead of Big New Year’s Resolutions, Make Smaller New Year’s Goals

It’s that time of the year where all of us start to think about how we’re going to improve our lives in the following year. Maybe we’re going to start running or spend time more time with friends or family. Whatever your hopes and dreams are for 2020, you’re …