RVH reminds public that walk-ins, emerg open during the holidays – BarrieToday

RVH reminds public that walk-ins, emerg open during the holidays – BarrieToday

Many family physicians are closed over the holidays and walk-in clinics have modified schedules

How to stay healthy during flu season – WCNC

Karly Barker shares mom-approved tips to keep the family healthy during flu season.

Looking for a family vehicle? Consider these top picks – Victoria News

Looking for a family vehicle? Consider these top picks Victoria News

A sports journalist, an IT company executive and three others were killed in the Louisiana plane crash

The five people killed when a small plane crashed near Lafayette Regional Airport in Louisiana included a sports reporter and a local company executive, officials said.

Best Cyber Monday camera deals on Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon and more – CNET

Wish you had a better camera to take the family photo at Thanksgiving? Time to change that, thanks to these massive savings on cameras for Cyber Monday 2019.

Police, family of murdered billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman to release joint statement today – CP24 Toronto's Breaking News

Police, family of murdered billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman to release joint statement today – CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News

Police, family of murdered billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman to release joint statement today CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News Police to provide update today in Sherman murder case Toronto Star Police, family to release statement on murders of Barry and Honey …

From the Hospital to an Old Navy: Thanksgiving at Work

Millions of people spent the holiday on the job, and many workplaces have forged holiday traditions out of the shared obligation.

Wider image: Mexico Mormon family has tearful Christmas after cartel murders

Surrounded by dozens of his descendants, Adrian LeBaron gave thanks to God as he prepared to celebrate Christmas for the first time since suspected Mexican drug cartel hitmen murdered his daughter and four grandchildren last month.

This is the first known family photo taken at Stonehenge

According to a new exhibition titled ” Your Stonehenge — 150 years of personal photos,” this image of was taken at the Wiltshire, England’s magical megalithic structure in 1875 and depicts the family of Isabel, Maud and Robert Routh. I’m not sure how they’re…

Child, 3, shot dad in the butt with family gun

A 3-year-old boy shot his father in his rear end with a gun the toddler found in their Erie, Pennsylvania home, say police. The father survived. Erie police say the shooting took place at 6:30 PM Thursday. The boy encountered a loaded, small-caliber handgun, …

Detained for a Year, American Languishes in Russian Prison

Detained for a Year, American Languishes in Russian Prison

Members of Congress and his family members are pushing the Trump administration to step up its efforts to pressure Moscow to release Paul Whelan.

How to disagree well: Two close friends who have reason to hate each other

Fiona was brought up in a nationalist family in Northern Ireland. Lee was a British soldier there. Now they are close friends.

Girl finds feathery surprise inside Christmas tree

A Georgia family had a holiday surprise when they found an owl living in their Christmas tree. HLN’s Robin Meade explains.

Dog passed over for adoption finally finds a home

A pit bull was the last dog standing after an adoption event in Arizona but finally was picked by a family and taken home. HLN’s Susan Hendricks explains.

How puppetry can help with trauma

After being trafficked for sex by her family as a child, puppeteer Raven wants to show people healing is possible through art.

Pack Away Some of Your Toddler's New Toys Right Now

Pack Away Some of Your Toddler’s New Toys Right Now

You decided not to go overboard on gifts with your toddler this year. You asked (begged? demanded!) that your family members follow suit. They are still so young, you reasoned. They don’t even really *get* the whole Santa thing, you figured. They’re perfectly…

The best video games to play with your family over the holidays

Video games can become a point of contention at family gatherings like Christmas. But instead of grandpa yelling at the kids for not looking up from their Gameboys, there are lots of ways games can bring us together instead of tearing us apart over the holida…

Costa del Sol: Man and two children who drowned at resort named

Three members of the same British family died in a Costa del Sol swimming pool on Christmas Eve.

Teenager flourishes in new home despite rare disability

A severely disabled Russian boy embraces life with his loving adoptive family.

Find Out How Much Your Parenting is ‘Worth’ With This Calculator

When I left full-time employment to stay home with my son years ago, I often thought about the value of my time to our family. I used to joke with my husband that every time I managed to save a little extra at the grocery store because I had the time to gathe…

‘Our Story Is One of Resilience’

‘Our Story Is One of Resilience’

He brought his sons to the U.S. while his wife and daughter waited in the Dominican Republic. Now reunited, they are making up for lost time.

Your Mom Is Destined to Annoy You

How to manage your inevitable holiday regression.

Google gives another Buddy Pass to Stadia Founder’s Edition owners

Stadia Founder’s Edition purchasers will be getting a holiday surprise, with an extra Buddy Pass that can be gifted to a friend or family member so they can test out Stadia for themselves. The cloud streaming service allows users to stream any game to a TV, p…

What’s Coming and Going From Netflix the Week of December 9, 2019

Netflix! Disney+ and Hulu haven’t won yet! Don’t stop trying! What the hell is this slate of streamables? It’s the Slate of the Defeated, a weak, end-of-year nothingfest that says “Why bother?”. If you have to watch Netflix, you have to watch 6 Underground (F…

15 photos from the controversial documentary about the British royal family that aired in 1969 and was never seen again

Hulton Archive/Getty Images In an effort to appear more welcoming, the British royal family allowed cameras to film their lives for several months in 1969. The result was a documentary called “Royal Family.” In the film, you can see Queen Elizabeth II travel …

Here's what the royal family gives each other for Christmas

Here’s what the royal family gives each other for Christmas

Pool/Getty Images The royal family opens presents on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. They’re known for getting each other cheap gag gifts. Prince Harry once reportedly got the Queen a shower cap that said “Ain’t life a b****” and she loved it. Visit Insider…

How to add accounts to your YouTube TV account with a family group, so you can share one subscription with up to 5 other people

You can add accounts to a YouTube TV subscription by creating a family group and inviting other family members. It’s possible to add up to five other accounts to your YouTube TV Family Group, besides your own. You can invite all your family members at once, o…

Life Is Strange 2 Is About Finding The Meaning Of ‘Family’

Life Is Strange 2 is a game about finding your family, as well as figuring out what “family” means. “It’s a question that I, myself, don’t have an answer to,” Dontnod lead writer Jean-Luc Cano told Kotaku over the phone. “But [the game] is showing that family…

Apple TV+ will drop every episode of ‘Little America’ on January 17th

Little America, the anthology series based on true stories about immigrants in the US, arrives on Apple TV+ on January 17th. Apple will release all of season one’s episodes at once, rather than weekly as it’s done with other shows, and more than a month befor…

Comcast revives ‘E.T.’ to hawk cable and internet service

Tech companies often like to mine nostalgia for a few quick bucks, but Comcast is probably pushing that emotional exploitation a little too far. The telecom has posted a short film that reunites E.T. ‘s namesake alien with human pal Elliott to pitch Xfinity i…

Four generations of British royalty pose for Christmas pudding photos

Four generations of British royalty pose for Christmas pudding photos

This Christmas season, the Royal family is bonding over pudding. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge published adorable photos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts showcasing four generations of the family having a little Christmastime fun. Prince William, P…

Welcome to the Falcon Hospital. Please Take a Number.

In a corner of Doha’s old city, a state-of-the-art facility offers scans, surgeries and a link to a centuries-old pastime. Members of the royal family get to cut the line.

Charges dropped against freed Taliban hostage Joshua Boyle

An Ontario judge Thursday dismissed 19 charges against a Canadian man who spent five years with his family in militant captivity in Afghanistan, according to court documents.

Here’s a Mickey Mouse version of Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock

Amazon’s original Echo Wall Clock was mostly fine. Some consumers ran into connectivity issues with the device, but it was mostly okay. It’s one of the most passive members of the Echo family of devices, mostly doing its wall clock thing, until you need a tim…

“OxySacklers” angry that Tufts removed family name from campus

Sacklers claim the move was “contrary to basic notions of fairness.”

Family finds owl hiding in Christmas tree

Family finds owl hiding in Christmas tree

A Georgia family got a special holiday surprise last week after finding an owl hiding inside their Christmas tree.

Levelset raises $30 million to improve money management for contractors in construction

Scott Wolfe, chief executive officer of the New Orleans-based money management and payment startup for contractors in the construction industry, always thought he’d be in the grocery business. His family owned a number of grocery stores around New Orleans and…

‘Party of Five’ Makes the Personal Political

Nearly two decades after the original ended, the earnest family drama returns with a new cast and a new premise about family separation.

Toronto family recreates Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ video for holiday card

Every year, Angela Young’s family sends out themed holiday cards to family and friends, but they decided to go out of this world this year.

How I Podcast: Family Ghosts/You Must Remember This’s Sam Dingman

The beauty of podcasting is that anyone can do it. It’s a rare medium that’s nearly as easy to make as it is to consume. And as such, no two people do it exactly the same way. There are a wealth of hardware and software solutions open to potential podcasters,…

The gray area where therapy apps, privacy policies, and third parties meet

The gray area where therapy apps, privacy policies, and third parties meet

Amanda Gumban was furious. The 17-year-old was scrolling through Instagram when she came across an unexpected sight. It had been four months since her sister, 21-year-old Airman First Class Lindsey Renee Gumban, had died by suicide. And yet, on this day in No…

How to Get a Free Google Home Mini From Spotify

If you weren’t able to pick up a Google Home Mini for someone on your holiday shopping list, don’t fret—Google and Spotify are giving them away for free to all Spotify subscribers. Read more…

Both sides of the Trump coin are skewered in a sharp ‘SNL’ cold open

Saturday Night Live set aside lame send-ups of famous political personalities for something a bit more real in its latest cold open sketch. A rotating view of the dinner conversations unfolding in three separate homes around the U.S. presents different views …

SHERMAN MURDERS: Toronto cops, family make statement – Toronto Sun

SHERMAN MURDERS: Toronto cops, family make statement Toronto Sun Toronto police repeat appeal for tips in slaying of Barry and Honey Sherman CBC.ca Police say their probe into Sherman deaths continues as private investigation ends BNNBloomberg.ca Private inve…

A Modern Family House in Prague by Atelier 111 architekti

Located in Prague’s Jinonice district, this family house, by Atelier 111 architekti, replaces an abandoned home that had expanded over the years.

How to Transition to Working From Home After You Have Kids

How to Transition to Working From Home After You Have Kids

There are lots of reasons you might want to start working from your home, after you’ve become a parent. The commute is eating up too much of your day; you want to move to be closer to extended family but you want to take your job with you; or you simply crave…

Jersey City Shooting: ‘Man with the Nice Smile’ Killed at Kosher Market

He was a beloved worker at the market who had emigrated to New Jersey with his family from Ecuador.

Still Stumped on Holiday Gifts for Picky People? We Can Help

We have gift recommendations for the hardest-to-please family and friends on your list.

Military Families Say Base Housing Is Plagued by Mold and Neglect

The private corporations that control almost all family housing on American military bases have every incentive to skimp on maintenance, critics say.

How to Recycle All of Your Holiday Garbage

Ah, the holidays—a time for celebration, family, and garbage. Lots of garbage. Lots of decorative garbage that lasts for up to a month or a day before meeting its end in the trash. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans churned through ove…