Please Don't Kill My Emoji Family!

Please Don’t Kill My Emoji Family!

Hello! This week we explore The Oldest House, yell about Fortnite, watch a weird wrestling match, listen to Claptrap, call Lovecraft a stupid child and kill our emoji family. Read more…

How to Measure Your Kid’s Attachment to Screens

From the first time we prop them in front of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to scarf down our dinner in peace to when they lock themselves in their room to play Fortnite for hours on end, parents are frequently asking themselves, “How much is too much screen time?” R…

With no other family, El Paso widower invites public to wife’s funeral – CTV News

With no other family, El Paso widower invites public to wife’s funeral CTV News The El Paso shooting took his wife, his only family. Anyone is welcome at her funeral Global News After Wife’s Death In El Paso Shooting, Man With No Other Family Invites Public T…

91-year-old breaks 400-meter dash world record, then says: ‘I’m ready to croak’

Diane Hoffman is a true inspiration. At 91-years-old, Hoffman participated in the USATF New England Open & Masters Championship in Worcester, Massachusetts, this past weekend, where she broke a world record for her age group in the 400-meter dash. After her r…

The heartwarming story behind the latest Google Doodle

Typically, Google Doodles honor famous personalities or historical events (and, sometimes, surprisingly addictive games ). The latest Google Doodle is none of those things, but the illustration has its own heartwarming backstory. The doodle was drawn by Georg…

YouTuber Found SD Card Showing Man's Final Moments Before Drowning

YouTuber Found SD Card Showing Man’s Final Moments Before Drowning

Before a travel YouTuber named Rich Aloha went scuba diving at a waterfall in Tennessee he filmed himself saying he planned on doing “treasure hunting” in the water, and he expected to possibly find a drone, iPhone, or GoPro. Instead, he found an SD card may …

Spotify triples its free Premium trial period to three months

Spotify is fighting back against the threat of Apple Music by extending free trials of its Premium subscription. Both companies want not only to bring in paid users, but also to keep those users coming back over the long term. Previously, Spotify offered a 30…

Review: Pitch-perfect Ready or Not is a sharp and witty blood-soaked delight

Hide and Seek takes a deadly turn when you play it with the Le Domas family.

Spotify Family plan updated with parental controls and shared playlists

The updated Spotify Premium Family plan will be available in all markets in the coming months. What you need to know Spotify has updated its Premium Family subscription with some new features. Parents now have control over the Explicit Content Filter setting …

‘Mommy can’t do this for much longer’: Waiting for a liver transplant, she prepares her family for the worst

Erika Zak, the mom dying of liver failure whose story last year went viral, has decided to speak up in one last attempt to save her life. Her condition is deteriorating, she says. On her worst days, she vomits blood. Her skin peels off. Her legs, hips and fee…

Why This Joe Biden Ad Stands Out

Why This Joe Biden Ad Stands Out

It’s “personal to me,” the former vice president says in a new ad that features his own family losses to highlight the importance of health care.

‘Black Widow’ first look debuts family drama from hell at D23

Natasha Romanoff is back. On the second day of D23, Marvel debuted a first look at the assassin-turned-Avenger’s standalone film Black Widow for fans present at the Disney Studios panel. The short clip was jam-packed with first looks at Marvel newcomers, and …

Roger Federer remembers ‘extraordinary’ kiss

The Swiss star remembers the first time he kissed his now-wife and reflects on how his family has helped shape and change his game.

Family of Minor League Pitcher With Tampa Bay Rays Is Reportedly Killed

A suspect was captured on video running naked through Keeling, Va., and choking a man shortly before the police arrested him.

U.S. border officials are increasingly denying entry to travelers over others’ social media

Travelers are increasingly being denied entry to the United States as border officials hold them accountable for messages, images and video on their devices sent by other people. It’s a bizarre set of circumstances that has seen countless number of foreign na…

Presight Capital raises $80M fund to connect US startups with Europe

Presight Capital raises $80M fund to connect US startups with Europe

Presight Capital, the international venture arm of Aperion Investment Group, is announcing that it’s closed its first fund of $80 million. Aperion is the family office of German entrepreneur Christian Angermayer (pictured above), who previously co-founded pha…

Man claims crew walked off flight over autistic brother’s request

A passenger claims a SkyWest flight crew declined to change his autistic brother’s seat assignment, so that he could be closer to family members. SkyWest says they are investigating the incident.

Tlaib gets emotional: Americans should be deeply disturbed

During a press conference with Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) tears up while recounting her experiences as a young girl visiting her family in Palestine, after Israel blocked her and Omar from visiting the country.

Ask About a Hotel or Airbnb’s WiFi Before You Book

Last Christmas I decided to splurge on an Airbnb for a few days in my hometown rather than stay with friends and family for my entire trip. I loved the idea of being able to come and go as I wanted, as well as stay up as late as I wanted without bugging my ho…

New Trump family detention rule faces legal challenges, tight space

A coalition of 19 states and the District of Columbia, led by California and Massachusetts, said on Monday they will sue the Trump administration to stop a sweeping new rule to indefinitely detain migrant families seeking to settle in the United States.

Spotify will reportedly test a price hike for its premium service in some markets

Spotify will reportedly test a price hike for its premium service in some markets

Spotify is set to test a price increase for its family plan, upping the cost by around 13 percent in some Scandinavian markets, Bloomberg reports. The price increase is designed as a limited test to figure out whether it might be able to roll out higher prici…

Family of man shot in the back by police in Colorado call for independent investigation

The attorney for the family of a man shot in the back and killed by police in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is calling for an independent investigation into the shooting.

Michael Phelps Is O.K. With Losing World Records, and Confident He Is Still No. 1.

It once seemed impossible that anyone could go faster in the butterfly. By the time it happened, the most decorated Olympian had a growing family and no problem letting go of records.

Trump Administration Rule Would Allow Immigrant Families to Be Held Indefinitely

The administration wants to send migrant families caught crossing the border illegally to a family detention center for as long as it takes for their cases to be decided.

The Family: ‘Raised in a doomsday cult, I entered the real world at 15’

Ben Shenton was raised in a cult that thought the world would soon end. It didn’t – but one day his world abruptly changed.

Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim That He Didn’t Start Family Separations at Border

Fact-Checking Trump’s Claim That He Didn’t Start Family Separations at Border

The president continued his effort to blame his predecessor for one of his most controversial policies.

Giuliani Renews Push for Ukraine to Investigate Trump’s Political Opponents

The president’s lawyer wants investigations of the Biden family and reports that Ukrainian officials tried to damage the Trump campaign in 2016.

Outside Milan, a Living Testament to the Powers of Italian Modernist Design

Even 70 years after its completion, the villa that Osvaldo Borsani created for his family still enshrines the architect’s singular vision.

Parents can now block explicit content on Spotify Premium Family Plan

The plan will be available to the entire world in the upcoming months. Read more here. Read more… More about Tech, Music, Spotify, Mashable Video, and Music Streaming

Misfit releases a new Wear OS smartwatch

It’s almost certainly no coincidence that Misfit’s new smartwatch bears more than a passing resemblance to the Fossil devices announced a week or two back. The one-time modular fitness startup has been part of the Fossil family since 2015, introducing its fir…

Peter Fonda, ‘Easy Rider’ Actor and Screenwriter, Is Dead at 79

Peter Fonda, ‘Easy Rider’ Actor and Screenwriter, Is Dead at 79

A member of a celebrated Hollywood family, he was nominated for an Oscar in a seminal film of the 1960s.

AncestryDNA test kits on sale for as low as $59 on Amazon

TL;DR: Get the precise AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity + Traits test for $69 at Amazon. If you only need genealogy, then grab the best-selling AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity test for only $59. That’s up to 42% savings on one of the top at-home DNA testing kits. …

Cedric Benson, 36, Former Running Back, Dies

Mr. Benson, who played for the Texas Longhorns and three N.F.L. teams, died in a motorcycle crash, friends and family said.

The town that banned Muslims from buying property

A Lebanese town has banned Muslims from buying and renting property, forcing this family from their home.

Rashida Tlaib rejects Israel’s offer of ‘humanitarian’ visit

Rashida Tlaib said permission to see family in the West Bank was subject to “oppressive conditions”.

Spotify Family Accounts are getting parental controls

Spotify Family Accounts are getting parental controls

Want to give your kids access to Spotify, but only the “clean” stuff? It’ll be an option soon. Spotify’s family plan — the one that gets you six accounts for 15 bucks — is picking up a feature that the company says people have been asking about for years: par…

Spotify’s Premium Family Plan lets parents block explicit content

Spotify’s “Premium Family Plan” is now family friendly. The company announced on Monday that it’s adding an “Explicit Content Filter” to the family plan, enabling parents to prevent their kids from listening to songs with bad words and adult situations Amazin…

Roku launches a Kids & Family section on The Roku Channel, plus parental controls

Roku’s home entertainment hub, The Roku Channel, is expanding into kids’ programming. The company this morning announced plans to aggregate kids and family movies and TV alongside the channel’s other content, including its free, ad-supported movies and televi…

Peter Fonda on family legacy in Hollywood

Actor Peter Fonda describes what it was like being part of a Hollywood family.

The Roku Channel is adding a kids and family section with free TV shows and movies

The Roku Channel currently offers a mix of free-to-watch, ad-supported movies, TV shows, and live news. And now, Roku is adding a new section to the Roku Channel that’s focused on kid and family content.

Biden gets personal after Anderson Cooper's question

Biden gets personal after Anderson Cooper’s question

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke in deeply personal terms about the family tragedies he has endured in an emotional reflection following two mass shootings in the US that have left at least 31 dead.

L Brands CEO accuses Jeffrey Epstein of misappropriating money

L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner is accusing multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein of misappropriating “vast sums of money” from him and his family, according to a letter to Wexner Foundation members.

CEO accuses Epstein of misappropriating money

L Brands CEO Leslie Wexner is accusing multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein of misappropriating “vast sums of money” from him and his family, according to a letter to Wexner Foundation members. CNN’s Paul La Monica reports.

A new movie about 1980s Britain captures the America we are losing

There’s a scene in the new movie “Blinded by the Light” where British protesters harass and assault a Pakistani family on their way to a wedding. Their teenage son is nowhere to be found; he’s off buying Springsteen tickets.

Richard Williams, ‘Roger Rabbit’ and ‘Pink Panther’ animator, has died

Richard Williams, the animator known for his work on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and two “Pink Panther” films, is dead, his family told PA Media, the UK national news agency.

Can ‘Succession’ Succeed Again?

Can ‘Succession’ Succeed Again?

The cast of the Emmy-nominated HBO drama, a surprise hit in its first season, discuss the challenges of Season 2 and what’s so relatable about a family of horrible rich people.

Diver finds SD card containing man’s last moments

Two years after a Georgia man drowned at a Tennessee waterfall, his family received an unexpected surprise that could help bring them some closure.

Hundreds join El Paso widower at wife’s funeral

Hundreds of strangers attended El Paso shooting victim Margie Reckard’s funeral after her husband, who was left with no family, invited the public. CNN’s Gary Tuchman reports.

The Kennedy Grandchildren: Bearing the Privilege and Burden of a Family Name

Some are in politics and social activism. Others have gravitated to the stage or Hollywood.

CBS and Viacom are merging into a combined company called ViacomCBS

In a widely-anticipated move, CBS and Viacom have agreed to reunite. The two media giants split back in 2006, although the Redstone family maintained control through National Amusements, a privately-held holding company. Now they’re coming back together in an…