At 9/11 Memorial, Remembering Those Lost

At 9/11 Memorial, Remembering Those Lost

In a somber ritual at the World Trade Center site, family members and loved ones read the names of the victims and offered personal remembrances.

Georgia Police Dept. Defends Use of Taser on 87-Year-Old Woman Cutting Dandelions

The woman, Martha Bishara, was cutting the plants with a knife when officers asked her to drop it. Her family said she speaks very little English.

Lens: ‘My Moms Never Tried to Hide the Fact That We Were a Family’

Katie Swanger set out to celebrate her unusual family by photographing her two mothers and the men who have become her brothers.

Korea reunion: ‘I’m hoping to hug my grown-up son’

Lee Keum-seom is one of dozens of South Koreans heading to the North to meet long-lost family.

How drought affects children in New South Wales, Australia

Australian kids say the New South Wales drought is hitting their family life and schooling hard.

Wordplay: One Hundred Miles From Here

Wordplay: One Hundred Miles From Here

Solving the crossword helps a young woman stay connected to family as she ventures toward independence.

Why You Can’t Rely on Your Phone in the Great Outdoors

If you’re old enough, you may remember carrying maps in your car and telling family the phone number of the place you’re going. But who does that these days, when you just have your phone on you at all times? Well, if you’re heading out for a hiking or campin…

Mobilize Your Democrat Friends to Vote in the Next Election With This App

If last year’s presidential election taught us anything, it’s that voting is important. No matter what your political leanings, voting is important, and something we should all encourage our friends and family to do. Now there’s an app for that. Read more…

Family of five’s kayak boat capsizes. Only the mother survives

A family’s vacation on Lake Superior took a tragic turn when a kayak capsized, killing the father and three young children and leaving the mother as the sole survivor.

Avicii’s family set up tribute site for fans

Fans have been invited to share their memories of the DJ on the memory board.

Kremlin's Kids: Giant Family Portraits With Vladimir Putin

Kremlin’s Kids: Giant Family Portraits With Vladimir Putin

Every year, Russia’s president presents the Order of Parental Glory to parents who raise seven or more children. The photos are … something to behold.

I’m Richelieu Dennis, Owner of Essence and Sundial Brands, and This Is How I Work

Richelieu Dennis runs a family business. He, his mother, and his sister named their beauty brand SheaMoisture after the shea butter products that Richelieu’s grandmother made and sold in West Africa. Richelieu built his company into Sundial Brands (acquired i…

‘Seriously Ill’ Aretha Franklin Visited by Luminaries, While Others Pay Tribute

Aretha Franklin performing at an event for the Elton John AIDS Foundation in Manhattan in 2017. She is ailing and “surrounded by family members” at home, a spokeswoman for her family said.

Microsoft improves Office 365 device limits for subscribers

Microsoft is improving its Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions with unlimited device limits and the ability to share Office app installs with more members of a family

Your Workplace Isn’t Your Family (and That’s O.K.!)

It’s fine to have warm, supportive relationships with your co-workers. But remember the context.

How A Group of Imprisoned Hackers Introduced JPay to the World

How A Group of Imprisoned Hackers Introduced JPay to the World

Over the last 15 years, JPay has quietly been moving into prisons across the country—connecting family members through email, at a cost.

Your Homemade Cranberry Sauce Sucks

Today is a day of thanks, of family, and of good food. Now please pass the cranberry sauce. No, not that homemade crap; the sliced up gel thing from the can. Read more…

How Do You Get Through a Challenging Holiday Season?

The holidays are notorious for sometimes being as difficult as they are festive. Short days and low temperatures aren’t helping anyone, and that’s even before the forced cheer and family obligations get going. Read more…

Facebook’s New Focus on ‘Community’ Might Actually Depress You

A survey finds that social networks that feature entertainment make users happier than those that highlight posts from friends and family.

Disturbing details revealed in Turpin family investigation

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin painted a gruesome picture of physical and emotional abuse as he announced torture charges against David and Louise Turpin, a couple accused of keeping their 13 children captive in their home.

Bystanders help rescue family from sinking car

Bystanders help rescue family from sinking car

Bystanders joined rescue workers by jumping into water to save two people and a dog from a sinking car after the driver crashed through a guardrail at the marina in Long Beach, California.

The Great American Single-Family Home Problem

The property at 1310 Haskell Street in Berkeley, Calif., has been the focus of a protracted fight over denser development. Neighbors fought the plan for three houses on the site but lost.

Bill Paxton’s family files wrongful death suit

The family of Bill Paxton believes his death last year was preventable, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family against the hospital and surgeon who treated the late actor.

Red Gerard: Family can’t stop celebrating

Olympic snowboarding gold medalist Red Gerard spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about the aftermath of his surprise win at the PyeongChang Winter games.

Family slams Trump’s use of ‘The Snake’

Sisters Africa and Maggie Brown, daughters of Oscar Brown Jr. who wrote the song “The Snake”, criticize President Trump for using it as an anti-immigration reference during rallies.

Bringing Back ‘Dougla’ Is a Family Affair

Bringing Back ‘Dougla’ Is a Family Affair

Crystal Serrano (center) and fellow Dance Theater of Harlem dancers in Geoffrey Holder’s “Dougla,” in which sweeping skirts are a part of the choreography.

Ayesha Curry dominates ‘Family Feud’

“Celebrity Family Feud” pitted NBA stars Stephen Curry and Chris Paul’s families against each other.

MentalHappy helps companies send custom care packages to employees going through a rough time

For many people, their workplaces become like a second family. More companies are recognizing this with better benefits such as longer family leave and wellness programs. But when an employee needs to take a break or is going through a hard time, they can fee…

Teen pop idol David Cassidy dies aged 67

Former The Partridge Family star and singer David Cassidy dies aged 67, his family says.

Keep Books for Your Kid in Every Room of Your House

You know when you come across a piece of expert advice and it’s something you already do out of convenience or laziness, and then you feel smug and think: Oh yes, I knew what I was doing all along? That’s what happened when I came across a tip in in Sarah Mac…

Have Better Family Meals

Have Better Family Meals

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to eat as a family. It’s important to take advantage of whatever opportunity you have to nourish the mind, soul and stomach of everyone at the table.

CleanMyMac X Saves Space, Removes Malware, and Speeds Up Your Mac

CleanMyMac X Saves Space, Removes Malware, and Speeds Up Your Mac

I’ve been recommending CleanMyMac to friends and family for a while now, and it gets better with every version. CleanMyMac X was released yesterday, with powerful new tools for optimizing and protecting your Mac. Read more…

Rediscover Your Favorite Childhood Books on This Website

What’s the name of that book, again? You know the one. From when we were kids. It was a children’s chapter book about a family that moves into an old schoolhouse? Read more…

Pack Your Stuff in Laundry Baskets for Your Family Road Trip

The heart of the family road trip is the never-ending potential for spontaneous adventures. Along your drive, you might spot a cool adventure playground or a lake with a rope swing or an Instagram-famous spot. When you stop, you’ll need the right clothing an…

Twitter Has Officially Replaced the Town Square

For most of human history, one’s social circle was mostly confined to family and neighborhood. Thanks to Twitter, that’s all changed.

How to Handle Going Home to a Boring Family You Resent

You’ve got problems, I’ve got advice. This advice isn’t sugar-coated—in fact, it’s sugar-free, and may even be a little bitter. Welcome to Tough Love. Read more…

Want to Stop Climate Change? Educate Girls and Give Them Birth Control

Want to Stop Climate Change? Educate Girls and Give Them Birth Control

Opinion: When women aren’t educated or empowered to make their own family planning decisions, the effects can lead to higher carbon emissions.

A Deadly Hunt for Hidden Treasure Spawns an Online Mystery

An epic riddle. An eccentric storyteller. A missing person. When a man vanishes in the wilderness, his family takes to the internet to find him.

Use Google Assistant on Your New Pixel 2 to Take a Hands-Free Thanksgiving Family Photo

With family descending upon your home for the holidays, you’ll probably be asked to take a group photo or two. If you’ve got the Google Pixel 2 (or 2 XL), you can use it to snap pictures using only your voice. No longer do you have to rush into frame, or assi…

McCain Family Mourns at Arizona State Capitol

Senator John McCain’s wife Cindy and his daughter Meghan paid their respects in a ceremony in Phoenix.

Family of pandas brutally murders innocent snowman

Warning: This post contains subject matter some readers may find disturbing. The Toronto Zoo released security footage of a its family of pandas aggressively attacking a snowman. Actually, it mostly looks like two balls of snow stacked on top of each other, b…

12 great board games to play with family and friends

12 great board games to play with family and friends

Board games are a blast. They’re cheap to buy, fun to give, and amazing to play. We’ve chosen twelve of our favorites that you can add to your stack of games this Holiday Season. Some pit you against each other; others have you working together to save the wo…

Family lawyer: Sentencing is historic

Walter Scott family lawyer L. Chris Stewart calls the sentencing of Michael Slager, the former South Carolina police officer who killed unarmed black man Walter Scott, a historic day for civil rights.

Microsoft’s Ethical Reckoning Is Here

Revelation of contract with US immigration agency sparks criticism amid family separations

Charting the adoption of direct startup investments by family offices

There’s money, and then there’s wealth. In all likelihood, money is what most of us have (or don’t have). It’s what we use to buy lunch, pay rent or put a down payment on a house. Wealth, on the other hand, is what buys yachts. But more than superficial mater…

What to Know About Sharing Airline Miles With Family and Friends

If you want to gift your frequent flyer miles to a family or friend (or would like to accept the points yourself), there are a few things you should know so that you don’t lose out on a ton of value. Read more…