Suicide, Quarterbacks and the Hilinski Family

Suicide, Quarterbacks and the Hilinski Family

Ryan Hilinski, a heavily recruited quarterback at Orange Lutheran High School in California, before a game in October. He sobbed after throwing his first touchdown pass this season, months after his brother’s unexpected death.

How to Set Up and Use Family Link, Google’s Parental Controls App

Google has rolled out screen time and app management features to the Chrome OS version of its parental supervision app, Family Link, so now you can remotely manage and monitor your child’s activity on laptops and tablets running the OS, as well as on any Andr…

Use the Holidays to Explain Online Privacy and Security Settings to Your Family

This weekend The Wall Street Journal ran a story running down a number of different ways you can fix your family’s tech problems for free this holidays season. There are a ton of good ideas on the list, but one section that caught my attention was the section…

Here’s the Last Day You Can Ship Packages and Have Them Arrive By Christmas

If you’re planning to ship gifts to friends and family this holiday season it probably won’t surprise you that you have a limited time left to do so and actually get those gifts to their final destination. Read more…

Why the Trump family is under scrutiny

CNN’s Don Lemon examines the intense public scrutiny facing individual members of the Trump family.

You Should Write a Year-End Family Newsletter Even if You Don't Have a Family

You Should Write a Year-End Family Newsletter Even if You Don’t Have a Family

When I hear “holiday newsletter,” I think, “Here are the life milestones that each of my seven children reached this year!” That’s what the Times uses as their example of a good year-end newsletter. But end-of-year newsletters are for everyone. Especially if …

The Best Family Memoirs I Read This Year

I am something of a memoir junkie. I don’t exclusively read parenting memoirs (if you haven’t read The Shepherd’s Life or The Night of the Gun yet, I’m sad for you), but 2018 seems to have been The Year of the Parenting/Family Memoir for me. Read more…

Before You Have a Second Child, Consider Your Mental Health

There are many factors that go into the decision about whether—or when or how—to try for a second child. The size you want your family to be, your age, your fertility, your proximity to family, the amount of other demands in your life. Read more…

How to Get Your Workaholic Spouse Back

There are many demands on our time, especially after we’re partnered, with kids, or other family obligations. In a perfect world, it would be easy to prioritize our relationships. For many, getting away from work to be with family is not just difficult; work …

Gift Guide: 6 rugged gifts for outdoorsy friends and family

Shopping for someone who prefers hiking and camping to the great indoors can be tricky. Not only are outdoor enthusiasts usually less impressed by traditional gifts (clothes, games, etc.) but their preferred realm of technical gear is vast and confusing. If y…

Lawyer Defends New Jersey Man Over Arson Charge and His Brother’s Death

Lawyer Defends New Jersey Man Over Arson Charge and His Brother’s Death

Police officers blocked the road leading to the site of grisly killings in Colts Neck, N.J., a day after all four members of a family were found dead after a suspicious fire.

Mother Whose Child Died After ICE Detention Sues for $60 Million

Lawyers for the mother of a child who died several weeks after being released from the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Tex., have filed a $60 million legal claim.

Jimmy Kimmel’s story of having dinner with Emily Blunt’s mom will make you cringe laugh

Turns out Jimmy Kimmel’s family and Emily Blunt’s family are pretty close. They go on holiday together, they have dinner together, and — in particular — Kimmel is a huge fan of Emily Blunt’s mom. In the clip above, Kimmel decides to share a story that illustr…

John Hinckley can move out of mom’s house

John Hinckley, the man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan in 1981, can move out of his mother’s house and live independently or with roommates or a family member, according to a court ruling issued Friday.

Cop kills guard who got alleged gunman

A suburban Chicago police officer responding to a shooting at a bar killed a security guard who was just “doing his job,” according to an attorney for the victim’s family.

Put Your Kids in Charge of Gift-Giving This Year

Put Your Kids in Charge of Gift-Giving This Year

It started with a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law (or “Auntie,” as she’s called) several years ago: In trying to choose gifts for all the members of our large family, I was running out of creative ideas. I asked my then four-year-old son what he wanted to…

Strangers attend vet’s funeral

After a funeral home announced a Vietnam veteran had no known family, all these people showed up to honor him.

Paul Caneiro Is Charged in Colts Neck Murder of His Brother’s Family

Firefighters responding to a house fire in Colts Neck, N.J., found Keith M. Caneiro shot to death outside his home and the bodies of his wife and two young children inside.

Lens: One Family’s Story of Deportation to Mexico

Lourdes Salazar Bautista, left, and her daughter Pamela Quintana-Salazar during a meeting with friends, family and campaign leaders the day before her deportation was confirmed.

Call of Duty ‘swatting’ death prankster pleads guilty

The 25-year-old had fooled police into thinking a father-of-two had murdered a family member.

The women killed on one day around the world

The women killed on one day around the world

New UN data suggests an average of 137 women across the world are killed by a partner or family member every day.

Cards Against Humanity is selling diamonds and TVs for 99% off and totally winning (?) Black Friday

Half of my family (and half of the Internet, it seems) all has eyes and phones locked on the same Black Friday sales page right now — and, likely to the disappointment of the big retailers, it’s not any of theirs. In the latest in a streak of wild Black Frida…

Candidate’s 5-year-old son captures every voter’s heart by lying down on the tarmac

One the eve of the midterm elections, even the kids are on edge. Photojournalist Jake Crandall captured the son of Alabama’s democratic gubernatorial nominee Walt Maddox lying down on the tarmac after arriving with his family in Montgomery on Monday. Democrat…

7 Thanksgiving horror stories that will make you feel better about the holidays

Sure, reflecting on what you’re grateful for on Thanksgiving is fun and all, but the holiday can also be immensely stressful. There’s so much that can go wrong during America’s gluttonous celebration — preparing a massive meal for multiple people is pretty mu…

Police Report in Killing of Black Security Guard Is Criticized as Rushed

Illinois authorities defended an officer who killed the guard, Jemel Roberson, as he tried to stop a gunman at a bar. A Roberson family lawyer says the police are rushing to judgment.

Movies to watch this Thanksgiving, for every kind of family or friend group

Movies to watch this Thanksgiving, for every kind of family or friend group

The turkey’s been destroyed, the pie’s been reduced to crumbs, and the plates are in the dishwasher. Everyone’s starting to get restless. Then someone suggests going out to see a movie, some others murmur in agreement, and you just know you’re in for another …

The Price Tag of Migrant Family Separation: $80 Million and Rising

Casa Presidente, a shelter for migrant children in Brownsville, Tex. The government has spent $80 million on its now-abandoned practice of separating migrant families in detention.

It’s Not Just Trump in House Democrats’ Cross Hairs. His Family Is, Too.

Ivanka Trump is under congressional scrutiny over her use of private email for government business. Her husband, Jared Kushner, is also a prime target for Democratic investigators.

YouTube quietly added free, ad-supported movies to its site

YouTube quietly added around 100 ad-supported Hollywood movies to its site, beginning last month, according to a new report from AdAge. The titles include a mix of classics like “Rocky” and “The Terminator,” as well as other family fare like “Zookeeper,” “Age…

Pirate Studios raises $20M from Talis Capital for its ‘self-service’ tech-enabled music studios

Pirate Studios, the music technology company that operates fully automated and self-service 24 hour music studios, has secured $20 million. The investment was led by Talis Capital, the London-based VC family office. Talis was already an existing backer of Pir…

What Are You Thankful for This Year?

What Are You Thankful for This Year?

Happy Thanksgiving, Lifehacker readers. However you’re celebrating, we hope your days is filled with family, friends, butter, carbs and, of course, a delicious turkey. Read more…

Be a Thanksgiving security hero with these family-friendly tips

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re: Pretty good at tech stuff Spending time with your family for Thanksgiving Bored because you’re reading this article right now You may not celebrate Thanksgiving where you live, but most of our readers are American. …

Best Cyber Monday Deals for Parents (and Kids)

Looking for toys, a Roomba, or an Instant Pot? Here are the Cyber Monday deals for everyone in the family.

Runaway Peacock Ditches His Human Family for New Turkey Friends

A pet peacock that’s evaded capture for weeks in Vermont has reportedly ditched his human family for a group of wild turkeys. The owner of the bird, whose name is Pea, said that the peacock was still on the lam as of Saturday. Read more…

Family of son shot on Thanksgiving haven’t heard from police

The family of EJ Bradford Jr., the 21 year-old who was mistakenly shot and killed by police at a mall in Alabama on Thanksgiving, say they have still not been contacted by the police about their son’s death.

How to Entertain Kids at Restaurants—Without Screens

How to Entertain Kids at Restaurants—Without Screens

Want to have a nice meal out with your family, free of whining and complaining and screens? Well, we’re not miracle workers, but every parent who likes to eat out should keep a “restaurant bag” stashed in their car. Read more…

Director Nicolas Roeg dies aged 90

Director Nicolas Roeg, whose films include Don’t Look Now and Performance, has died aged 90, his family says

Stuff Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into a Crunchwrap

Gather ‘round, my little trash pandas, for I have a treat for you. I have a leftover delivery system that will make you the gender neutral monarch of Leftover Land. While the bogus nerds in your family stuff their faces with boring, pedestrian turkey sandwich…

Duck Boat Captain in Missouri Is Indicted in 17 Deaths

The captain faces criminal charges of misconduct and neglect after the boat sank during a storm last summer, killing nine members of the same family.

The Ghosts of New York’s Past

The staircase leading up to the bedrooms in the Merchant’s House Museum that some of the Tredwell family members died in.