Broadway pays tributes to Laurel Griggs, 13, who dies of asthma attack

Broadway pays tributes to Laurel Griggs, 13, who dies of asthma attack

Lights were dimmed for the 13-year-old, who her family says died from a “massive asthma attack”.

Making Impeachment Sexy Again Is Not a Concern, Late Night Says

“You know, impeachment is like a family reunion,” Trevor Noah said on Thursday. “If it’s sexy, something has gone horribly wrong.”

Finished ‘The Crown’? More dishy royal family stories (mostly about Princess Margaret)

Portrayed by Vanessa Kirby in The Crown ‘s first two seasons, and now by Helena Bonham Carter in the show’s just-premiered third season, the real-life Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, has an infamous legacy that includes numerous romances, shenanigans wit…

Sign up to a Fire for Kids Unlimited family plan for a £10 reward

TL;DR: A one-year subscription to the Fire for Kids Unlimited family plan is on sale for £47, saving you 41% on list price. (And for Prime members, it’s just £29.) We’re not for a second suggesting that your children aren’t complete angels, but the Christmas …

Donald Trump Jr. Airs Family Grievances (One Book at a Time)

The president’s eldest son is using a newfound platform as an author to recast the story of the 2016 election — and every political battle that came after.

How to Set Boundaries When Your Family Is Bad With Money

How to Set Boundaries When Your Family Is Bad With Money

When I asked recently about bad money habits you learned from your parents, you chimed in with stories of debt, despair, and the bumpy roads you’ve taken to financial stability. But just because you (eventually) learned not to make the same mistakes your pare…

This family lives in a glass house

Watch how a family living in a glass house in upstate New York still finds privacy surrounded by 360 degree views.

Veteran: Trump family tone deaf to military

Veteran Paul Rieckhoff explains why he is boycotting President Donald Trump’s participation in the 2019 New York City Veterans’ Day Parade.

Sri Lanka’s Powerful Rajapaksa Family Set to Win Presidential Election

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, a polarizing wartime defense chief, vowed to bring stability to a country still reeling from deadly attacks on Easter Sunday.

How to Get an Airline Gate Pass

We recently wrote about three airports (DTW, PIT, and TPA) that issue TSA-approved passes that allow individuals without tickets to go through security and visit the airport’s stores and restaurants. Though these passes may have been designed to promote “term…

Stunning Fossil Discovery Uncovers the Second-Most Primitive Flying Bird

Stunning Fossil Discovery Uncovers the Second-Most Primitive Flying Bird

Paleontologists in Japan have uncovered the fossilized remains of a 120-million-year-old flying dinosaur that’s seriously shaking up the bird family tree. Read more…

Behind Trump’s Dealings With Turkey: Sons-in-Law Married to Power

Informal relationships between family members help explain the course of diplomacy between the White House and Turkey’s leader.

Laurel Griggs, Broadway Actress, Dies at 13 After Asthma Attack, Family Says

Ms. Griggs performed in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Once,” in addition to making a few appearances on “Saturday Night Live.”

Israel-Gaza: Israel vows to investigate civilian death claims

Israel says it is investigating claims an airstrike killed eight members of one family in Gaza.

Spotify Premium Users Can Get a Free Google Home Mini

If you’re a Spotify Premium user, the company has something for you: a free Google Home Mini. The deal works for both existing users and new users that sign up today. Read more…

He served in a historic battle and his family never knew

He served in a historic battle and his family never knew

The family of World War 2 veteran Lucian Baskin was surprised to discover for his 100th birthday that he took part in the Allied invasion of Normandy. Watch “Full Circle” weeknights at 5 p.m. ET.

The first hires are the hardest

Money is usually too tight to pay competitive salaries, there’s no recognizable brand or reputation yet and most people would prefer to work at a company their friends and family have heard of before. Who wants to take a job that might not be around in a year?

Original Content podcast: Apple’s star-studded ‘Morning Show’ gets off to a bumpy-but-promising start

We weren’t sure what to expect from the launch of Apple’s new subscription streaming service. There were reports that the company was committed to staying family friendly, rather than exploring the adult content and creative liberties that both premium cable …

Royal family and political leaders gather for Remembrance Sunday at Cenotaph

Party leaders and members of the Royal Family join veterans for a two-minute silence and tributes to the UK’s war dead.

Drop Off Your Unused and Expired Prescription Drugs This Saturday

On Saturday, temporary collection sites will be set up around the country to accept all of your unused, expired, and otherwise unwanted prescription drugs as part of National Drug Take Back day, which will help prevent improper disposal of drugs into our env…

Family sues park after boy falls off zip line

Family sues park after boy falls off zip line

A mother from Florida is suing an entertainment park after her 10-year-old son fell approximately 20-to-25 feet from a zip line onto a concrete surface.

What to Say When a Job Interviewer Asks For a Long-Term Commitment

During a typical job interview, you can usually expect to answer familiar questions like “What are your strengths?” or “Why exactly do you want to work here?” Occasionally, you might also field not-so-legal questions from a hiring manager, the kind that invol…

Chase Young of Ohio State Won’t Play Over N.C.A.A. ‘Issue’

The nation’s sack leader, Young is expected to be a top N.F.L. draft pick. He said on Twitter that he mistakenly accepted a loan from a family friend.

Dementia Can Make Patients Wander. What if They Cross the Border?

Family members everywhere worry about loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s suddenly taking off on their own. Having an international border close by raises the stakes.

‘How skiving made me a better parent’

How do you find time for yourself when you have a young family? Just take it, says Sue Elliott-Nicholls.

She Fought for Muslim Women. Then She Was Found Dead.

She Fought for Muslim Women. Then She Was Found Dead.

The death of Ola Salem, whose body was discovered in a Staten Island park, has left her family and friends with more questions than answers.

At Least 5 Members of Mormon Family Are Killed in Ambush in Mexico

Children were among the victims in a massacre attributed to organized crime. Other children were rescued, some of whom hid along a roadside.

These are the mothers and their children who were massacred in Mexico

When three mothers and six of their children were killed in an ambush in Mexico, they were on their way to visit family.

See video of the destroyed car

Nine family members, including six children with dual citizenship to the US and Mexico, were burned alive in in Northern Mexico. CNN’s Matt Rivers reports.

A year after shooting, a family remembers the man who died protecting others

Victoria Rose Meek and her older brother, Justin, grew up attached at the boot — country music-loving, water polo-playing, singing and criminal justice majors at California Lutheran University.

Spotify launches a dedicated Kids app for Premium Family subscribers

Spotify launches a dedicated Kids app for Premium Family subscribers

In a move to boost family subscriptions to its app, Spotify this morning announced the launch of a dedicated Kids application which allows children three and up to listen to their own music, both online and offline, as well as explore playlists and recommenda…

How to Help a Family That Has a Baby in the NICU

When Tiffany Brosius was 26 weeks pregnant, her feet began to swell. But the 37-year-old Atlanta mother says she didn’t think too much about it. After all, swelling in pregnancy is common. But then it started to travel up her body, so Brosius went to her prov…

Family of nine brutally murdered in Mexico

Nine members of a Mormon community were killed while traveling in northern Mexico after authorities say they were ambushed by criminal groups.

Antwon Rose’s Family Reaches $2 Million Settlement With East Pittsburgh

Antwon, an unarmed black teenager, was killed last year by a white police officer during a traffic stop in East Pittsburgh, Pa.

Their mom was killed in the El Paso massacre. Now they’re suing the suspected gunman and 8chan

The family of a woman killed at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, is trying to stop the hatred against the Hispanic community by suing 8chan and the suspected shooter’s family.