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We offer gift wrap products that celebrate the Christ in Christmas!

Download Nativity cards and gift tags from our blog.

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Let your gifts tell the timeless story of Christ's birth with the contemporary look of our Christmas Nativity wrapping paper. We are a family business dedicated to creating products and locating resources that place Jesus Christ at the center of the holiday that bears His name.

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Every Christmas Season, 10% of our profit on downloadable Christmas cards will be donated to Youth 4 Rapha, a ministry of the Martelle Christian Church. This small but dynamic youth group in eastern Iowa is raising funds for Rapha House, a series of safehouses where children rescued from human trafficking in Southeast Asia receive care, counseling, and all else they need to succeed.

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Rate the designs we're considering for future products. You'll find them in our Gallery. We also have a growing Children's Gallery of Nativity artwork that carries a Christmas spirit all it's own. Help us collect Nativity drawings from children everywhere.

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Throughout the Christmas season, we gather and share traditions, books, music, and decorating ideas that focus Christmas on the Nativity story in our Keep Christ in Christmas blog. We also feature Nativity craft ideas and links your children will enjoy.

We offer Nativity wrapping paper that presents the Christmas story:


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See the Christmas story through the eyes of children and learn how your child’s drawings can be posted ...




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