Family makes eerie discovery in basement

Family makes eerie discovery in basement

An Iowa family is left in shock and forced to evacuate their home, after discovering blood from a neighboring slaughterhouse seeping into their basement.

Fans can spend their Halloween in the ‘Addams Family’ mansion

From Oct. 29 – Nov. 1, four people will get the opportunity to stay in the Brooklyn-based mansion. Read more… More about Entertainment, Halloween, Mashable Video, New York City, and The Addams Family

Trump’s meeting with Dunn family took unexpected turn

The grieving parents of a British teenager describe a highly choreographed White House encounter at which President Donald Trump presented them with an unexpected offer to meet the woman involved in the crash that killed their son.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant: I’m trapped in a loveless marriage

Watch one “Wheel of Fortune” contestant joke about his feelings toward his family.

Letter from Africa: How this teenager risked all for a life in limbo

Meeting the family of a young Gambian who ran away to seek his fortune in Europe.

‘This Man Murdered Someone’: Family Demands Answers in Fort Worth Police Shooting

‘This Man Murdered Someone’: Family Demands Answers in Fort Worth Police Shooting

Two days after Atatiana Jefferson was fatally shot through her bedroom window by an officer, her family said the police have provided little explanation.

Nepotism Is Everywhere, Trevor Noah Says

The “Daily Show” host was taken aback to see the Trump sons, of all people, give Hunter Biden trouble for capitalizing on the family name.

What Joe Biden Needs to Do at the Next Debate

Mr. Biden in recent days has been more forceful in defending his family and denouncing the president. Some voters and Democratic officials think he should do more.

Authorities are investigating a homicide at the California home of ‘Tarzan’ actor Ron Ely

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a family dispute at the actor’s home in Hope Ranch on Tuesday night, Lt. Erik Raney told CNN.

Thieves pick 7,000 pounds of apples off the trees in a Michigan orchard

Apple thieves snuck onto a Michigan family farm and stole more than 3 tons of fruit right off of the trees.

Irish man hilariously pranks his family at his own funeral

Irish man hilariously pranks his family at his own funeral

Funerals are some of the most heartbreaking experiences we go through as humans, but every so often we get a beautiful chance to merge the tragedy with a laughter that eases the tension. Shay Bradley of Kilnamanagh in the south of Dublin, Ireland, passed Octo…

Biden: Family won’t be part of any foreign operation, period

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stated that if he is elected president, no family member or associate of his will be involved in any foreign operation. The announcement came after the former Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, said he would resign…

British family ‘traumatized’ after being detained by US immigration

A British family has filed a complaint with the the Department of Homeland Security over their detention by US immigration officials after crossing the US border while vacationing in British Columbia, Canada earlier this month, the family’s lawyers said on Tu…

‘No Excuse’: Fellow Officers Condemn Police Shooting of Fort Worth Woman

Officer Aaron Dean has been charged with murder. But Atatiana Jefferson’s family is still looking for answers.

Don’t Let Your Kid Bully Their Sibling

Siblings are going to fight. They’re going to poke at each other on long (or short) car rides. They’re going to push to be the first one out the door. They’re going to wrestle for control of the TV remote. After a while, it can start to sound like the regular…

A Philosopher and a Scientist Share a Bench

A Philosopher and a Scientist Share a Bench

Alexander Najman’s family is Jewish. Jennifer Hindieh has Syrian roots. Despite family backgrounds, the two soon found they were of like minds.

How to Set Up an Advance Medical Directive

If you ended up unconscious and on life support, how long would you want your family to wait and see whether you recovered? If you want to make sure your wishes are respected, consider an advance medical directive. Read more…

Buttigieg calls out Trump family for ‘conflict of interest’

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, 2020 Democratic candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg chastised President Trump, saying he was a “walking conflict of interest” in regards to his family’s ongoing business dealings around the world.

Video shows ISIS family members attempting camp escape

New video appears to show family members of suspected ISIS fighters rioting and attempting escape at the Al-hol detention camp in Syria.

Parachutist hits lamppost on Spain’s national day in Madrid

Luis Fernando Pozo was not badly hurt and later met the royal family.

He Was Trump’s First Fan in Congress. Now He’s a Felon.

He Was Trump’s First Fan in Congress. Now He’s a Felon.

Chris Collins’s sudden rise and fall from presidential cheerleader to admitted liar is a tale of money, family ties and murky ethics.

Facebook wants Portal to be your next office webcam

Facebook‘s Portal video chat devices will be able to run Workplace, the company’s collaboration software, so you’ll be able to make video calls at work using the Portal’s video calling technology. Until now, Facebook has positioned Portal primarily as a way t…

ISIS families attempt to escape camp in northeast Syria

ISIS family members have attempted to escape from an encampment in northeastern Syria, a commander for the Kurdish forces that guard the site told CNN.

DA identifies family of 5 shot and killed in their Massachusetts home

An 11-year-old girl, 9-year-old twins, and their parents were found shot dead in their Massachusetts home Monday morning, authorities said.

Deutsche Bank Does Not Have President Trump’s Tax Returns, Court Says

A federal appeals court said that Deutsche Bank has informed the court that it has tax records for two of Mr. Trump’s family members, but not for the president.

I Found A Family In A Mario Kart Tournament

I Found A Family In A Mario Kart Tournament

I fell off my barstool for the second time that night. My vision went blurry, my legs buckled, and the floor spun. Arms reached out to help me back up, and I leaned against the bar, sobbing incoherently. I wasn’t wasted—I was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Read…

Family of five, including three children, found dead of gunshot wounds in Massachusetts town

Three children and two adults were found dead on Monday morning in a condo unit in Abington, Massachusetts, apparently shot to death, local law enforcement officials said.

Judge Blocks Trump Policy That Favors Wealthy Immigrants

For immigrants seeking legal residency, the administration’s “public charge” rule would disqualify many applicants who receive federal assistance like Medicaid.

How to create a Google account for your kid through Family Link

The internet can be a scary place, especially for children. However, it can also be a wonderful tool to help a child explore the world and learn valuable skills. As a parent, keeping your kid safe is paramount while they expand their curious minds. There are …

YouTube TV subscribers can now gift two-week trials to friends and family

The two-week extended free trials will have to be redeemed by 11:59pm PST on October 16. What you need to know YouTube subscribers are getting a special two-week extended trial code to share with their friends and family. The two-week free trial will have to …

The Ukraine controversy has exacerbated divisions between political appointees and career diplomats, many of whom say the department is being politicized

The Ukraine controversy has exacerbated divisions between political appointees and career diplomats, many of whom say the department is being politicized

President Donald Trump’s attempts to compel Ukraine to investigate the family of his chief political rival are deepening anger and concern inside the State Department as Secretary Mike Pompeo’s role in the drama comes under greater scrutiny.

Deportations of migrant families continue to jump under the Trump administration

Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed more than 2,500 family members between August and September of this year, revealing an increase in deportations driven in part by new administration initiatives.

A family in limbo as U.S. slows refugee admissions

Somali refugee Ramlo Ali Noor will never be reunited with her 16-year-old son in her new home in Columbus, Ohio.

Selena Gomez talks family’s undocumented history, ‘sacrifice’ in op-ed

In a piece for “Time,” the actress and singer discussed how her family came to the U.S., her thoughts on immigration, and what she wants people to learn regarding the immigrant experience. Read more… More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Activism, Immig…

Bose Is Really Going After Sonos Now

There’s a lot to like about Bose’s Smart Home speaker lineup. They sound good and look sleek. They have built-in voice assistants and offer multi-room wifi capabilities. But despite all this likability, the newest member of the family, the Bose Portable Home …

Steve Irwin's family accomplishes one of his 'greatest goals,' opens elephant hospital

Steve Irwin’s family accomplishes one of his ‘greatest goals,’ opens elephant hospital

Years after his death, the family is dedicated to continuing his love of wildlife conservation. Among his goals, starting an elephant hospital in Indonesia. Read more… More about Animals, Mashable Video, Culture, Wildlife Conservation, and Steve Irwin

Prince George celebrates gleefully during family trip to a Premier League match

It’s no secret that Prince William is an avid soccer fan but it seems he’s passed on the passion to his young family, especially to Prince George.

Sendmi lets you allocate part of your paycheck for remittance

Meet Sendmi, a fintech startup that is launching today in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. Sendmi works pretty much like a 401k or a Flexible Spending Account. But instead of saving money for later, you set it aside to send it to your family …

Bell bottoms and a blended family: ‘The Brady Bunch’ at 50

We all know the premise of “The Brady Bunch,” the ABC hit that ran for five seasons starting in 1969: A lovely lady met a man named Brady and they knew their love was much more than a hunch. And the rest is history — or, in this case, 117 episodes.

How Botham Jean’s former workplace is honoring him

After Botham Jean was fatally shot in his apartment last year, his former colleagues made a commitment to his family: They wouldn’t allow the memory of their friend and coworker to fade away.

Amazon Echo gets more family-friendly

Amazon Echo gets more family-friendly

Amazon is making its Echo line of devices more family-friendly. The company had already launched an Echo aimed at parents and kids by bundling in FreeTime and giving the device a colorful look-and-feel. Today, it launched more devices ideal for kids’ rooms, w…

Virginia Girl Recants Story of Boys Cutting Off Her Deadlocks

The 12-year-old-girl’s story drew national headlines and a police investigation last week. Her family has apologized.

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

A.O. Scott on “The Joker.” A look at four family budgets. Pedro Almodóvar. Rachel Maddow. DaBaby. Farewell, Jessye Norman. And more.

Get Your Digital Accounts Ready In Case of Death

In case of death: how to set up a list of important digital account info for simple and secure information sharing with family members and trusted friends

Longtime Arizona Cardinals owner dies at 88

Bill Bidwill, whose family has owned the Arizona Cardinals for almost 80 years, has died, according to the football team.