Adam Sandler's new song is a hilarious tribute to doctors, nurses, and being sick of your family

Adam Sandler’s new song is a hilarious tribute to doctors, nurses, and being sick of your family

Adam Sandler’s as well known for his deceptively simple, twisted comedy songs as for his filmography full of screeching manchildren, and on Thursday he dropped in on his old friend and fellow Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon to debut a new one. Over vide…

How to Improve Your Wifi Speeds When Everyone’s Home

Chances are, your home internet is under a lot more strain than normal at the moment: With schools and workplaces temporarily closing all across the globe, you might well be fighting with your family or your housemates for any available bandwidth. If you want…

Japanese Man Who Threatened to Intentionally Spread Covid-19 Dies

A 57-year-old man in Japan who contracted the new coronavirus and threatened to intentionally spread it in public spaces has died, according to multiple news reports from Japan. The infected man, who told family he was going to “spread the virus” by visiting …

This App Promises to Turn Android Phones Into Extra Nintendo Switch Controllers

Multiplayer is a great way to breath new life into a video game you’ve lost interest in, but if you’re in need of extra controllers to let family or roommates join you for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this simple app promises to turn you…

Is the Covid-19 Lockdown Really Decreasing Air Pollution In India?

When I saw reports that Indian cities had seen major improvements in air pollution amid the covid-19 lockdown, I WhatsApped my family members in New Delhi to ask about their experience. Did it seem like the air was cleaner? Read more…

Mom asks Biden difficult virus question

Mom asks Biden difficult virus question

A mother in New York, who has coronavirus symptoms, asked presidential candidate Joe Biden about the sacrifices her family would have to make if they run out of money due to the coronavirus pandemic.

NYC Rabbi ‘Romi’ Cohn, a Holocaust survivor, dies of coronavirus complications at 91

New York City Rabbi Avraham Hakohen “Romi” Cohn, who survived the Holocaust and saved dozens of families from the genocide, has died of complications from coronavirus, a family member said Thursday. He was 91.

Families create a community art museum on their neighborhood sidewalks

Like many parents across the US right now, Daphne Sashin was looking for something to keep her kids occupied while her family shelters in place during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cat not pleased owners are home

A woman posted a funny video of her cat meowing at her because the cat isn’t happy the whole family is at home quarantined during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

See Harry and Meghan at final royal event

CNN’s Max Foster reports on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make their final appearance as senior members of the royal family by attending the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey.

Start Your Day with a Family Scrum

Start Your Day with a Family Scrum

Trying to get through the day— day after day —with the whole family in the same space and maintaining a positive attitude is going to be… a challenge. It probably already is. But one key for keeping one’s composure is to start the day on the right note. And…

How Your Family Can Volunteer During the Pandemic

Right now, you and your family are on your own little Gilligan’s Island. It was supposed to be a three-hour tour, but thanks to COVID-19, you and your crew will be stranded for at least a few more weeks. Just like the merry castaways, you are probably feeling…

How to Stay in Touch With Friends and Family When You’re Stuck at Home

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these apps and services to stay in touch and feel less isolated while you follow shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders.

Keep the whole family entertained with a Fire TV Stick

TL;DR: The Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for £29.99 on Currys PC World, saving you 40% on list price. The Fire TV Stick 4K generally goes on sale a few times a year, and we would normally recommend waiting for Prime Day or Black Friday for the best deals. Not t…

T-Mobile customers on unlimited wireless family plans get a free year of Quibi

T-Mobile this morning officially announced its exclusive partnership with the new streaming service, Quibi, set to launch on April 6. The service will be made available for free for a year to T-Mobile customers on its unlimited wireless family plans. The stre…

The end: Coronavirus patient delivered last rites by phone

The end: Coronavirus patient delivered last rites by phone

A Connecticut man who died following a coronavirus diagnosis was give last rites by his pastor over the phone with his family listening in from quarantine.

Nurse’s emotional plea: Don’t sacrifice lives of elderly for the economy

Washington state nurse Karen Goheen’s family was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic when both she and her parents tested positive for the virus. helps independent construction workers get paid on time

From long payment cycles to antiquated processes on how to bill workers, the hefty inefficiencies of the construction industry are long overdue for innovation. Enter startups such as the large venture-backed Katerra and recently public companies such as Proco…

Join TC tomorrow at 9 am PT for a chat about the latest YC startup batch

Hello TechCrunch friends and family, tomorrow morning at 9 am Pacific Time we’re gathering on Zoom for an in-depth chat about our favorite startups from the latest Y Combinator Demo Day. This year’s installment of the twice-yearly startup event happened yeste…

Blasian dating in South Africa: ‘Will my Asian family accept my black boyfriend?’

Blasian – black and Asian – couples now exist in South Africa… but they don’t always have an easy time.

How to use social distancing to get closer to your friends and family

How to use social distancing to get closer to your friends and family

As an extrovert who craves being close to people, I’m not a fan of social distancing — but I’m practicing it because currently it’s the most effective tool we have to fight the virulent coronavirus. Instead of going out with my friends for our regular Friday …

Sign up to PureVPN and gift free accounts to friends and family

TL;DR: A two-year subscription to PureVPN is on sale for £2.35 per month, saving you 74% on list price. Congratulations on seeing the light and considering a VPN. These services are great for securing for online identity and protecting your data, and they are…

BBC Dad and his family are back to spread some joy when we need it most

Good news, people: BBC Dad and his family are back. Things are tough right now. But allow yourself to travel back down memory lane to a time that was arguably simpler. The year was 2017, back in the days when we could still go outside. A time when BBC Dad and…

Robert Levinson: Iran denies US former agent died there

His family say they now believe he died in custody in the Islamic republic, where he vanished in 2007.

Family embraces social distancing to wish grandmother, 95, a happy birthday

Kathleen Byrne’s family did not want her special day to pass by without celebration, so they decided to wish her a happy birthday from a safe distance.

Use Google Advanced Protection to Protect Your Family Members From Android Malware

Use Google Advanced Protection to Protect Your Family Members From Android Malware

The Google Play Store unwittingly hosts malicious apps, and it seems like a new batch is discovered every other week. You should be OK as long as you follow basic data security protocols, use a reliable anti-malware service, and are vigilant about removing da…

The best video chat apps to turn social distancing into distant socializing

The vicissitudes of social distancing have taken many people by surprise, making video calls a new necessity for distant socializing. But which of the two dozen apps out there should you and your (perhaps not as tech-savvy) friends and family use? Here are ou…

Amazon Prime Video is streaming kids movies and TV for free, no Prime membership required

Amazon is making a selection of family-friendly and kids programming available for free streaming on Prime Video, as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis which has people trapped at home. The content is available to all Amazon customers, and includes a mix …

Family acts out Disney vacation after it was canceled

The Hearn family took to their backyard to act out the Disney trip they couldn’t take after it was canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Be Mindful About Purchasing WIC Items at the Grocery Store Right Now

When you’re out grocery shopping right now, you might not have much a choice when it comes to what you’re able to find and buy. That choice is even more limited if you happen to be a person shopping for a family on WIC. Read more…