At Least 9 Mormon Family Members Die In Highway Attack In Mexico

At Least 9 Mormon Family Members Die In Highway Attack In Mexico

Three women and six children died in an attack on an extended Mormon family as they traveled in Mexico. The victims are part of the LeBaron family, which has lived in Mexico for decades.

Grandma and stranger she accidentally texted celebrate Thanksgiving together for a fourth year

In incredibly wholesome news, the best Thanksgiving story of the decade is still going strong, and likely to do so for the foreseeable future. While 2016 was generally an extremely cursed year, one of the few good things that came out of it was a heartwarming…

‘Jagged Little Pill’ on Broadway has a lot on its mind. Maybe too much.

Meet the Healys, Broadway’s newest dysfunctional family. Behind the Healys’ Christmas card-perfect Connecticut exterior lurks some serious darkness — a mashup of just about every hot button issue and buzzword you can think of in 2019. First up is mom Mary Jan…

This Thanksgiving, be the green shirt guy you want to see in the world

Yep, folks, it’s that time again. Off we go to home and hearth, suiting up for battle with Crazy Fox News Uncle (or grandpa, dad, aunt, mom) and their armory of alternate facts. And it’s all happening in the middle of the impeachment process! Lucky you, getti…

Family: France’s Catherine Deneuve hospitalized with stroke – CTV News

Family: France’s Catherine Deneuve hospitalized with stroke CTV News Catherine Deneuve hospitalized in Paris after minor stroke ‘Belle de Jour’ star Catherine Deneuve hospitalized after ‘limited’ stroke CANOE French Actress Catherine Deneuve Hospitaliz…

England head coach Silverwood to return home after bereavement

England head coach Silverwood to return home after bereavement

England head coach Chris Silverwood will return home after day two (Saturday) of the second Test against New Zealand following a family bereavement.

Google’s next chat service is… Photos

One of the best things about Google+ ( RIP ) was its engrossing photography community, where people from far and wide shared and discussed their images. Google ‘s stab at a social network might be dead and buried, but it’s doubling down on ways for people to …

Facebook built a bot to help staff deflect awkward questions from relatives

If you think your dinners over the holiday period are awkward, spare a thought for Facebook employees who face a grilling from family members about the social media giant’s disastrous reputation. In typical Facebook style, the company is tackling this problem…

What to Ask Your Older Relatives This Thanksgiving

If you feel like you don’t know what to say to your older relatives, maybe you’re not asking the right questions. This Thanksgiving, think about bringing not only a dish to share, but also a few questions to inspire your grandparents, great-grandparents, and …

Google Stadia will be missing many features for Monday’s launch

Among the missing: 4K on PC, Achievement UI, Google Assistant, Family Sharing…

Trump’s NOAA Pick, Barry Myers, Asks to Withdraw Nomination

Trump’s NOAA Pick, Barry Myers, Asks to Withdraw Nomination

Mr. Myers, whose nomination had stalled in the Senate, said medical issues made leading the agency “impractical.” Some Democrats had questioned his ties to a family-run private forecasting company.

See Ellen surprise couple after viral tweet

Ellen DeGeneres surprised a lesbian couple with an appearance on her show and a $25,000 wedding gift after they said some family members wouldn’t attend their wedding because they’re gay.

Password Managers Are Actually a Really Good Gift

The holidays are nearly here, and that means you may be scraping up loose change in your sofa cushions for any gift-giving you plan to be doing this season. But the best gift you can give your loved ones this year—be they friends, family, or secret Santa pals…

Evacuation Slide Mysteriously Falls Off of a Boeing Plane in Flight and Lands in Family’s Yard

If you’re keeping a running list of all the things that could potentially go wrong with Boeing’s planes, you can add “mysteriously ejects its own emergency inflatable evacuation slide” to the list, as a Milton, Massachusetts, family discovered yesterday after…

The best thermometers for you and your entire family – CNET

When the flu strikes, you’re going to want one of these thermometers.

Turn Your Holiday Movie Collection into an Advent Calendar

Turn Your Holiday Movie Collection into an Advent Calendar

Family movie nights are wonderful in theory and usually in practice—unless it’s a case of too many cooks in the kitchen (or people in the family room). Does this convo sound familiar? Read more…

Utah family terrorised by Hawaii ‘extreme stalker’

The suspect kept sending plumbers, drug dealers and prostitutes to his victims’ home, police say.

Discover billions of family records with an AncestryDNA kit

TL;DR: The AncestryDNA kit is on sale for £49 plus shipping, saving you £30 on list price for Black Friday. Black Friday can be a drain, and it’s definitely not for everyone. It’s a stressful time that requires dedication and planning, and sometimes it can fe…

Gift Guide: Essential security and privacy gifts to help protect your friends and family

There’s no such thing as perfect privacy or security, but there’s a lot you can do to lock down your online life. And the holiday season is a great time to encourage others to do the same. Some people are more likely to take security into their own hands if t…

How former NFL player survived a family tragedy

Before becoming an NFL player, Jon Dorenbos suffered an unthinkable tragedy. He discusses how he survived it with CNN’s Michael Smerconish.

How to make Thanksgiving cleanup suck less

How to make Thanksgiving cleanup suck less

My family has pretty much every dish covered for Thanksgiving dinner. Out of a need to feel responsible, I have assigned myself two critical jobs every Thanksgiving: baking two pumpkin pies strictly adherent to the Libby’s canned pumpkin recipe, and cleaning…

Record and Share Bedtime Stories for Your Kid Using Google Home

For most parents, sharing a nighttime story with their child is a precious and important time, but sometimes the tucking-in duties fall to baby sitters and other family members. The latest Google Home update adds a new “My Storytime” feature that lets parents…

Warn Your Parents About Gold and Silver Coin Scams

Here’s one more tricky topic to navigate with your family this holiday season: gold and silver retirement scams. An investigation by Quartz detailed these scams, which con seniors into moving their retirement funds to volatile precious metals investments. Gol…

I Give Thanks for the Matriarchs

The women in my family who came before me made it possible for me to face life’s hardships.

After 240 Years and 7 Generations, Forced to Sell the Family Farm

The aging owners of a Catskills farm say it “has to close so we can survive.”

Is It a Crime to Encourage Unauthorized Immigration? The Supreme Court Will Decide

Is It a Crime to Encourage Unauthorized Immigration? The Supreme Court Will Decide

An appeals court struck down a broad 1986 law under the First Amendment, saying it covers conversations between family members and legal advice.

How to introduce a new significant other to the family (without causing drama)

The holidays are stressful enough as it is. Add the variable of introducing a new significant other to the annual shit show, and you can end up feeling like the roast turkey everyone’s about to dig into. If you live far apart from your family, the holidays ca…

The Story of a Jewelry House and the Family That Built It

Francesca Cartier Brickell used her grandfather’s legacy of letters as the basis of a new book.

‘The Hare With Amber Eyes’ Comes Home

An exhibition in Vienna puts the figurine at the center of Edmund De Waal’s 2010 memoir on show, and tells the story of a family forced from their home by prejudice.

Apple releases holiday ad

Apple has released its annual holiday ad, just in time for Thanksgiving. Named “The Surprise,” the ad focuses on two young girls who spends a lot of time playing with an iPad. The ad focuses on a family that travels across the country to visit the mother’s fa…

‘Several’ Dead in Shooting in a Fresno Backyard, Police Say

‘Several’ Dead in Shooting in a Fresno Backyard, Police Say

The authorities said that they believed about nine people had been shot at a family gathering in California.

YouTube Aims to Match Advertisers with ‘Edgier’ Content

YouTube’s experimenting with matching subject-appropriate advertising with YouTubers whose videos may not fit the bill of “family friendly content” according to the platform’s moderation policies. Read more…

The Best Way to Break Awful News to a Kid, According to Reddit

Breaking bad news to our kids is awful. A divorce, a serious illness, the death of a pet, the death of a family member … there are all kinds of difficult things they will experience in their lives that we can’t fully shield them from. We have to tell them b…

This Japanese Hotel Charges $1—If You Live-Stream Your Stay

Last year, we wrote about the troubling problem of Airbnb rentals with hidden cameras, spying on guests. (Back in April, a family even found a hidden camera live-streaming their stay at an Airbnb in Ireland.) But in our latest edition of Hack or Wack, we ask …

What to Ask for If an Airline Changes Your Flight

If an airline involuntarily bumps you from a flight, chances are you can ask for a whole more than you think, like meal vouchers, a hotel stay or just cold, hard cash. But what are your rights if an airline suddenly decides to change your flight’s departure t…

Should You Grow Your Family Through Foster Care Adoption?

Should You Grow Your Family Through Foster Care Adoption?

For many parents, deciding if, when or how to grow your family can be difficult. And when other factors—such as infertility or the heightened needs of your other children—come into play, the decision-making can be that much harder. Here’s this week’s Parental…

Federal judge awards journalist Jason Rezaian and family $180 million

Federal Judge Richard Leon in Washington, DC, on Friday ordered Iran to pay Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and his family $180 million for his 544 days in custody.

Myanmar Rohingya: Will Omar get justice for his murdered family?

Three legal developments offer hope to those who say Myanmar’s Rohingya were victims of genocide.

The Best Thanksgiving Movies That Aren’t About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, which, for those of us who avoid family during the holidays, means it’s a day dedicated to staring at your television or laptop’s screen for hours at a time. If you aren’t in the holiday spirit, perhaps because you’re spending …

The Best and Worst Moments From Last Night’s Democratic Debate

Capping off a long day of impeachment hearing testimonies, last night’s Democratic debate featured 10 presidential hopefuls debating over issues of sufficient paid family leave, women’s reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade, and the U.S.’ role in ongoing protes…